Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Car Lelo is a digital platform which offers a wide range of cars with best deals. One can visit the website and select the desired car. Further they can avail offers and discounts on the cars depending upon the dealer they choose. Car Lelo also makes the paperwork easy for their customers by adopting various homepicking methods.

Whenever you decide to buy a car, the most obvious thought is to visit a local dealer. Each dealer you visit has some different offers and discounts available for you. It is not practically possible for any customer to visit or even contact each dealer. Car Lelo helps customers get the best deal, discounts and offers on the cars, through their widespread network of dealers.

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It all begins with selecting your car. Our executive team reaches out to explain the deals and offers on each of the variants available on the car. Further they explain on the different dealerships where they can avail the car, giving them the best offers and deals for the car. Once payment and formalities are done, the car can be dispatched to the customer's location or the customer can take the delivery from the showroom itself.

There are no hidden charges or any fees included when buying a car from car lelo.

Car Lelo does not provide any guarantee on the car bought by any customer. All the formalities are taken care of by the verified car dealers. Car Lelo just acts as a medium to connect the individual to the dealer, making the best deal possible for the customer.

The deliveries are based on availability of the selected car models and approval of paper work . Although, after selecting the car from Car Lelo, one can expect express deliveries; all thanks to our internal references and reach.

One can find more information on cars and its specifications on the blogs section in the website. There are regular updates on the facelifted variants, new upcoming cars and other information. One can always reach out to us for additional information.

Car Lelo is not directly related to the manufacturers. The sole aim of Car Lelo is to bridge the gap between the customer and the dealership. Car lelo seeks the best deals and discounts from the dealer and then forwards it to the customers without any hidden charges included.

The pictures of the cars uploaded on the website are adapted from official car websites. Car brands hire professional photographers and lightings for the best quality pictures. At car lelo we do not get personalised photo shoot done, but can ensure that the car provided is exactly the same.