What is BMW's Relax We Care Campaign

  • BMW’s ‘Relax We Care’ has been introduced across the country
  • It demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction
  • The campaign reflects BMW India’s dedication to top-notch service

What is BMW's Relax We Care Campaign

BMW cares deeply about its customers. Recently, BMW Group India introduced a new service called 'Relax We Care' across the country. With this special campaign, the brand is offering new services that are smart and helpful, giving customers more confidence and peace of mind when it comes to owning a new BMW car.

Explaining BMW’s “Relax We Care” Campaign

BMW Relax We Care Campaign

The 'Relax We Care' campaign shows how dedicated BMW is to giving its customers the best service possible, making sure they always have a great time driving their BMW cars.

Vikram Pawah, who leads BMW Group India, explained that this campaign is not just about promising good service; it is about BMW's promise to support their customers in every way. They want to make sure getting service for your BMW is easy, top-notch, and transparent so that customers feel happy and confident every step of the way.

What Features are Covered Under this Campaign

With the ‘Relax We Care’ campaign, BMW car owners can take advantage of numerous features for their convenience. Some of the essential services include appointment scheduling online, optimizing engine lifespan, transparency with the customers, and more.

Online Appointment Scheduling

This feature enables the customers to effortlessly schedule their service appointments. This provides flexibility in selecting the date, time, and services required by the customers. In addition, the platform enables them to make adjustments to appointments and allows guest bookings without the need for registration.

Joy Rewards

BMW's loyalty program, Joy Rewards, provides customers with significant savings on maintenance and service expenses. This is particularly for BMW cars exceeding 5 years of age. In addition, the program guarantees that customer loyalty is acknowledged by offering increasing discounts as their vehicle matures.

Smart Video

An innovative addition to India's luxury car industry, Smart Video enhances transparency in service. Customers receive a detailed video outlining the service or repair needs. This allows them to remotely approve procedures and personalize their service experience.


By using advanced sensors, ConnectedDrive actively monitors the condition of your vehicle. This is to notify the owners of possible issues or service requirements via the My BMW App, in-car notifications, or email.

Service Inclusive

Under its Service Inclusive and Service Inclusive Plus packages, the German automobile maker provides various service plans. These packages encompass routine maintenance and extra repairs, guaranteeing thorough care for both BMW and MINI vehicles.

Original BMW Engine Oil

The company promotes the utilization of Original BMW Engine Oils to optimize performance and prolong engine lifespan. These oils are designed to improve efficiency, safeguard against wear & tear, and uphold the engine’s cleanliness.

In Conclusion

BMW's introduction of the 'Relax We Care' campaign showcases the brand's strong dedication to customer satisfaction. Through a range of innovative features like Online Scheduling, Joy Rewards, Smart Video, ConnectedDrive, Service Inclusive Packages, and Original BMW Engine Oil, the brand plans to ensure transparency and peace of mind for owners.

This initiative reflects BMW's commitment to top-tier service and ongoing support for their customers, setting a benchmark for luxury automotive care.

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