Best Charging Solutions on the Go for Your EV

  • Mobile charging solutions are going to change the world of EVs
  • EV owners now no need to reach charging stations to power up your car
  • Repos Energy is bringing fuel facilities to your doorstep

Best Charging Solutions on the Go for Your EV

The future of the automobile industry is going to be electric; everyone knows that! However, this comes with the biggest concern of how the EV will be charged if running out of battery in the middle of driving. Although, many companies are working on expanding the charging infrastructure to make it convenient for EV owners to charge their cars while on the road. But, what if you find yourself in a worst-case scenario where you can't even find a charging station?

To tackle such situations, Mobile Charging Services are being introduced by different companies named Repos Energy, Urja Bio System, and BATX Energies. This clearly indicates that EV users will now have the option to book a fast charger right at their location without having to reach a charging station.

Let us dig a bit deeper on how you can charge your electric vehicle while on the go.

Role of Repos Energy

Repos Energy

Based in Pune, Repos Energy is a fuel-on-demand service provider which was backed by Ratan Tata in 2017. The purpose of this service is to solve the issue of increasing carbon emissions through the effective and systematic distribution of energy. 

Earlier, the company started Doorstep Diesel Delivery. As of mid-2022, Repos already distributed 5 crore litres of fuel through their platform which resulted in a total saving of 14.85 million kg of carbon emission. The company also said that Mobile Energy Distribution is the future and will be the fastest way to make new forms of energy. In addition, Repos is now planning to offer all forms of energy which include CNG, Bio Fuels, LNG, and EV Battery Swapping.

Urja Bio System and BATX Energy have also joined forces

Urja Bio System

Repos Energy has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Urja Bio System Pvt Ltd and BATX Energy Pvt Ltd. Gurugram-based BATX Energies is a green tech solutions start-up that has come forward to introduce a green mobile or on-demand EV charging solution infrastructure. On the other hand, Urja Bio System is to work towards creating micro power-generation that uses waste-to-energy production. This will be used to charge stationary batteries.

BATX Energies will assemble the batteries, sourcing end-of-life lithium-ion cells from different sources such as telecom, OEMs, and IT infrastructure. Later these batteries will be equipped in a mobile charging truck made by Repos Energy.

How to use a mobile charging solution for your EV?

If you are wondering how this service will work for your EV, all you have to do is use the Repos app, select the type of fuel you need, and request the booking. The service provider will bring a mobile charging truck to give power to your electric car. Moreover, it becomes easy to pay for these services with a digital transactions facility.

Further, the mobile charging station can be equipped with a 10 kW to 100 kW charger. The company is in the finalizing stage on how the truck will be equipped with the mobile charging station setup. It is said that the mobile EV charging station will be introduced soon.

In a nutshell

The charging solution will surely form the infrastructure backbone for the growing electric vehicle ecosystem and will easily provide customers with energy-efficient options. This tri-led solution will help the customers to stop worrying about EV range and have access to EV charging right at their desired location.

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