How to Book Car Service Online

• Booking a car service online is quite easy and hassle-free • Online car service also helps customers get the best deals • Here is a quick guide on ‘How to Book Car Service Online’ along with its benefits.

How to Book Car Service Online

One of the most important aspects of owning a car is its regular maintenance. It involves getting your car serviced at the prescribed intervals to keep it running at its optimum performance levels. 

Many consider, getting a car serviced as a tiresome task due to the long and boring wait at the service centre lounges while the vehicle undergoes the periodic maintenance. It often eats up a full day and feels like a complete waste of time. So this is where the concept of Online Car Service Booking comes into play and saves you from all the hassle.

How to Book Car Service Online: Explained in Simple Steps 

Nowadays almost all the major car manufacturers offer the facility of booking car service online. The process is quite simple and easy as the customers can visit the brand’s official website and book an appointment from the comfort of their house. Here one will be asked to provide basic information like the car model, type of service, preferred location, date and time. Based on this information you will be allotted a booking number along with the exact date and time, when you can take your car for the scheduled service. Some brands also offer the pick and drop facility where an executive from the dealership will visit your house and note down all the details pertaining to your vehicle and take your car for servicing. Post the service, he will drop the car back at your house and you will be asked to make the payment for the service at the same time. 

Now the best and easiest way to book a car service appointment online is through Car Lelo. You just have to visit Car Lelo’s official Car Service page and book car service at doorstep in just 5 simple steps. The first step is to select your car make followed by the city, and then you have to verify your contact number by an OTP and click on submit. Now Car Lelo will automatically connect you to its authorized service partners spread across the country. Car Lelo online service support comes with a host of benefits such as a 24X7 booking facility, fair and transparent pricing, skilled experts and Genuine Spare Parts. 

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Car Lelo is your one stop destination for all your car service related requirements.