How to Buy a New Car and Get a Great Deal

• Check for existing offers at dealerships • Select the festive season or year end sale to buy your new car • Enquire with multiple lenders before financing your dream car to get the best interest rates

How to Buy a New Car and Get a Great Deal

Want to buy a new car? Then you would have probably gone through the pain of scouring the internet/ visiting dealerships for long hours trying to get a great deal.  But what if there was a simpler solution to your new car buying? So we are here to answer some of your queries related to new car buying and how to get a great deal

How to Buy a New Car and Get a Great Deal

A great deal often works as icing on the cake when buying a new car and everyone appreciates savings. Although the process of getting a good deal is not a cakewalk, there are certain steps that can help buyers grab the best value deal while buying their new car.

buying their new car

  • To begin with, car companies and dealership often offer good discounts during select months of a year. These time periods are broadly split into the festive season and end of year sale where Customers can avail upfront cash discounts on their new car purchase. So a prospective buyer needs to keep track of such events and plan their new car purchase accordingly.
  • But what if you do not want to wait till the discount season? Then the other way of getting a good deal is by requesting price quotes from multiple dealers in and around your area. For example, you are planning to buy a Hyundai Car, then you can visit multiple Hyundai dealerships in your area or city, and ask for a price quotation. Based on the quotations received, you can choose the dealer who offers the best deal. Further the car buyers can also negotiate the final price, by asking for discounts in car insurance or request for some freebies like floor mats or mud flaps or seat covers.

dealership often offer good discounts

But if you want to I save yourself from the hassles of visiting multiple dealership and haggling for the best, then you can visit and get the best deal. Car Lelo is the modern virtual car showroom that lets you connect to multiple dealers online in just a few clicks all from the comfort of your home. Here you have the liberty to choose the best dealer based on your requirements and receive multiple price quotation online.

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Based on your choice, Car Lelo will handle all your documentation process and ensure a smooth delivery of your new car. In addition, they can also help you in financing your dream car at the best rate of interest from reputed national and multi-national banks, making your new car buying easy and pain-free.