Interesting Facts About McLaren Everyone Should Know

  • McLaren is reported to debut use of carbon fibre in cars
  • First McLaren India showroom opened in Mumbai 
  • McLaren sells three coupe cars in India - GT, 720S and 750S

July 06, 2024     Uday Singh
Interesting Facts About McLaren Everyone Should Know

At first sight, the name McLaren may be associated with fast and stylish racing cars. Well, you would be completely right! But the story of McLaren starts on the racetrack, with a driver named Bruce McLaren who had a dream: to build racing cars, delivering a strong message about his determination. 
Well, Bruce materialised that dream back in 1963. Fifty more years on, the very first McLaren car manufactured, the M1A, went live. There were not many of them, only 24 but that was definitely the beginning of something big.

The next car from McLaren namely M1B was a champion car as it bagged as many as 43 racing titles. It even overtook famous car maker brands like Porsche

McLaren Cars On Sale in India

Before digging deeper into the history of the brand, here are a few cars that McLaren sells in India:






4,683 mm

4,543 mm

4,569 mm


2,045 mm

1,930 mm

1,930 mm


1,213 mm

1,196 mm

1,196 mm


2,675 mm

2,670 mm

2,670 mm






711 bhp

711 bhp 

740 bhp


770 Nm

770 Nm

800 Nm

Price (ex-showroom)  

Rs. 3.72 crore  

Rs. 4.65 crore - Rs. 5.04 crore  

Rs. 5.91 crore  

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About McLaren

Racing Origins

Facts About McLaren

By 1965, McLaren was not only winning races but building cars for Formula One - The World Championship Circuits. They continued to race and to win but in 1970 Bruce McLaren died. 

Despite this, McLaren kept on moving forward even after they had lost their founder. In 1981, they made a huge breakthrough! They created a Formula One car with one of the strongest, but one of the lightest materials Carbon fibre in the chassis. This was a big thing because it made the car faster and safer at the same time and before you knew it everybody in Formula One was using carbon fibre  

After tasting success in the racing domain, they no longer wanted to win only races but to build cars that were road-legal and the public could purchase. This led to the launch of the F1 in 1991. In fact, it was the fastest production car at the time. The number initially produced was only 66, which made them extremely rare and costly.

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Current Generation Philosophy

Mc Laren

Today, McLaren is the manufacturer of fabulous racing cars and sports cars. They just do not stop to challenge the evidence for speeding up, making cars that not only have high speed but also elegance and quality.

Therefore, the next time you hear or see a McLaren go past you, you will not only realise how it is not just any car but a racing car underneath. The instance shows that McLaren has a variety of cars that are in one way or the other are unique in their architecture. 

Super and GT Series

Mc Laren

The Super Series is highly specialised for track-oriented performance. GT Series provides high power and comfortable seats for people who like to drive sophisticated cars occasionally. One such car is the McLaren 765 LT. This sportscar has a 4.0 litre, twin-turbo V8 that produces 765 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

With a maximum speed of over 330 kilometres per hour and acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in under 2.5 seconds, it is truly a star product from the house of McLaren. For transmission duty, McLarens use a type of automatic transmission known as the ‘Seamless Shift Gearbox or SSG.

Lightweight Construction and Aerodynamics

It is designed to cut through the air like aeroplanes are made to glide through the wind. Further, this factor should be thought of as jet planes with wheels attached to them. Inlets known as air intakes together with special wings assist in generating downforce, forcing the cars to stick more on the ground as they turn in corners.

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