BMW i Vision Dee Revealed a Color Changing Concept Car

  • BMW has revealed its futuristic i Vision Dee Concept car at CES in Las Vegas
  • BMW i Vision Dee can change its exterior in up to 32 colours in seconds
  • This unique innovation will be used in models of the NEUE KLASSE from 2025 onwards

BMW i Vision Dee Revealed a Color Changing Concept Car

The BMW Group has revealed its colour-changing concept car named BMW i Vision Dee. The name Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience which is the aim of the German automaker– to develop a stronger bond between people and their cars going forward. BMW i Vision Dee is a futuristic mid-size sedan with a new pared-down design language which was shown at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. Its future functions will go far beyond the driver assistance system and level of voice control that we are familiar with today.

On occasion of this reveal, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG said “With the BMW i Vision Dee, we are showcasing what is possible when hardware and software merge. In this way, we are able to exploit the full potential of digitalisation to transform the car into an intelligent companion. That is the future for automotive manufacturers – and, also, for BMW: the fusion of the virtual experience with genuine driving pleasure”. He further added “At the same time, BMW i Vision Dee is another step on the road to the NEUE KLASSE. With this vision, we are looking far into the future and underlining the tremendous importance of digitalisation for our upcoming product generations”.

While Frank Weber, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Development commented,  "A BMW lives by its unparalleled digital performance. BMW i Vision Dee is about perfect integration of virtual and physical experiences. Whoever excels at integrating the customer’s everyday digital worlds into the vehicle at all levels will succeed in mastering the future of car-building."

BMW i Vision Dee: Exterior Design and Interior Layout

I Vision Dee

In terms of exterior design, the new BMW i Vision Dee Concept is a three-box sedan. The concept is reimagined as “phygital” (a fusion of physical and digital) versions of traditional BMW exterior design elements such as a double kidney grille, Hofmeister kink, and twin circular headlights.

Dee Interior

The concept can even use its closed kidney grille and headlights to create different facial expressions such as astonishment, joy and approval. Plus it can project the image of the avatar of the driver onto the side window.

I Vision Dee Interior

On the inside, the reductive design language of the concept has been taken to another level. The unconventional design of the steering wheel with its central vertical spoke and touchpads seems quite interesting. Another highlight of the interior is its large head-up display that spans the full width of the windscreen and it replaces a traditional touchscreen infotainment system.

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Advanced BMW Head-Up-Display in Neue Klasse from 2025

BMW has also confirmed that the standard production version of the complete-width head-up display will be used in Neue Klasse models from 2025 onwards. The Head-Up Display in the i Vision Dee Concept is controlled by the steering wheel touchpads and BMW Mixed Reality Slider which enables the driver to decide on how much digital content they require to see. The concept also has dimmable windows that allow the passenger to gradually fade out reality. 

Although BMW has not provided other information about its first Neue Klasse-based vehicle, you might get some insights or glimpses during this year. It is yet to be revealed what the first Neue Klasse vehicle would be called. The model could wear the i3 badge which is used currently on 3 Series-based electric cars for China and was used earlier on a quirky hatchback. As previously revealed by BMW, the new range of Neue Klasse vehicles will be fitted with the new cylindrical battery cells from mid-decade.

Furthermore, the company is developing all-solid-state batteries and it aims to have high-voltage batteries of this type prepared for series introduction by the end of the decade. BMW is planning to reveal a car fitted with this battery technology before the year 2025. Unlike some other automakers, BMW has yet to announce when it will end the development and production of ICE vehicles. The automaker’s latest plan calls for it to produce a total of two million all-electric vehicles by 2025. However, the company expects that by 2030 half of its annual global sales will be EVs.

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