Rolls Royce Spectre Launched at Rs 7.5 Crore

  • Most expensive EV on sale in the country
  • Sits between the Rolls Royce Cullinan and Phantom
  • It has a claimed range of 530 km

Rolls Royce Spectre Launched at Rs 7.5 Crore

Rolls-Royce has launched its first-ever electric luxury saloon, Spectre in India. Priced at Rs. 7.5 crore (ex-showroom), the Spectre is positioned between the Cullinan and the Phantom models in the Rolls-Royce Motorcars lineup.

Rolls-Royce Spectre: Exterior Design

Although the Spectre looks similar to its sibling, the Wraith, there are few design elements that make it stand out. For instance, it has a signature illuminated Pantheon Grille with the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ on top. This two-door electric luxury car can carry four people and has big 23-inch aero-designed alloy wheels. It is also the heaviest Rolls-Royce, weighing at 2,975 kg.

Rolls-Royce Spectre: Interior Layout and Features

Like any other Rolls-Royce, the cabin of the Spectre is highly customizable. As part of the redesign, the rear seats now come integrated into the interior body panels. There is attention to detail in the form of exquisite stitching, embroidery, and intricate piping, reflecting Rolls-Royce's dedication to luxury craftsmanship.

In addition, it highlights a new digital interface with connected car technology that can control all functions of the vehicle. One of the catchy features it has received is the Starlight Doors. These doors have 5,500 tiny stars in them, and the ceiling has 4,796 stars, all of which light up!

Rolls-Royce Spectre: Battery Pack Details

Rolls Royce Spectre runs on a big 102kWh battery, and it has two electric motors. The motor in the front makes 254 bhp, and the one in the rear delivers 482 bhp. Together, they make the vehicle very powerful, with a total power output standing at 576 bhp with 900 Nm of peak torque. The luxury EV can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in about 4.5 seconds. It has a range of 530 km on a single full charge.

As for the charging options, there is a 22-kw charger which takes over 5 hours alongside a 50-kw charger with an estimated time of 95 minutes. There is also a faster 195-kw charger that only takes 34 minutes to charge the Rolls Royce Spectre.

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