Stellantis To Introduce Leapmotors Affordable EVs in Q4, 2024

  • Leapmotor to enter 9 European markets from September 2024
  • The T03 electric hatchback is likely to arrive in the Indian market
  • These EVs are expected to be manufactured in India

Stellantis To Introduce Leapmotors Affordable EVs in Q4, 2024

The Chinese EV maker, Leapmotor, in partnership with Stellantis, is planning to enter the Indian market. As confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Tavares, they will bring their EVs into the country by the last quarter of 2024. Speculations suggest that the Leapmotor T03 electric hatchback and the C10 electric SUVs could be prepared for Indian customers.

Leapmotor Will Produce Its EVs in India

The India-based manufacturing facility will be used to produce and sell the Leapmotor electric vehicles to avoid high import duties.

The company aims to expand to 9 European countries. These include France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Romania, starting from September 2024. It is believed that the brand will sell its product across 200 dealerships in the region.

In the last quarter of 2024, Leapmotor International will gradually enter India, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.

Furthermore, Leapmotor International will be focused on volume-centric segments. It will have 6 models in the portfolio by 2027. “The ultimate goal is the zero-emission vehicles. The JV will help in offering affordable vehicles,” Tavares said.

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