5 Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a New Car Online

• Important tips to follow before buying a new car online • Do online research and choose the appropriate engine and transmission • Calculate the ex-showroom price and other costs to finalize the amount

5 Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a New Car Online

Buying a new car online is a big task, especially if you are buying the car for the first time. It requires a lot of research and calculation and why not? After all, you are investing in a vehicle for the long run. Although there are so many factors to consider, these five ones are the most important to keep in mind before buying a new car online. Here we go:

Plan your budget


Before buying a new car online, the foremost thing to do is to plan a budget. Many car buyers often finalize their budget by looking at the ex-showroom price of their dream car. However, the final amount of the car does not only depend on a single factor; it includes ex-showroom price, on-road price, car registration, car insurance, and other requirements. Not considering these factors might make a hole in your pocket. Thus, it is important to look at the overall picture and determine the budget when you buy a new car online.

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Set your preferences for fuel type

Fuel Type

When it comes to choosing a fuel type for your new car, buyers are spoiled with options. A buyer can opt for petrol, diesel, CNG, or an electric vehicle based on their preference. Each fuel type has its own pros and cons. For instance, petrol is commonly used and is good for easy acceleration, however, it offers low fuel economy as compared to CNG and diesel. Hence, you need to determine which fuel type you would love to go for.

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Select the required body type

Body Type

Similarly, for the body types, buyers get enough choices for instance hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and more. In the Indian market, people are crazy about SUVs as they command road presence and provide a spacious interior. On the other hand, hatchbacks offer convenience and are easy to park while sedans have their own elegance. Depending on your choice, you can pick a body type before buying a new car online.

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Pick the right engine


Choosing the right engine and transmission is equally important as choosing the appropriate vehicle. Before you buy a new car online, you should keep in mind that the smaller the engine, the more you save up on fuel. However, this could only be a good option for a shorter distance. If you want to take the vehicle to its limit, opt for the bigger engines as they work extra hard for you but again, it would consume a lot of fuel during travel.

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Choose the right transmission


Besides, selecting the appropriate engine, don’t forget to choose the right transmission for your new car. There are different types of transmissions in the market including automatic and manual. Automatic transmission is highly preferable in urban cities. It is even good for an easy and comfortable ride, however, it is expensive compared to the manual transmission due to the technology being offered in them. On the other hand, the manual transmission is low priced and requires lower maintenance in addition to the manual labour that is needed to coordinate with various parts such as the gear lever, clutch pedal, and accelerator.

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In Conclusion

Shortlisting a car is not an easy task. You need to go through thousands of car models online to buy a good one. Here, we have shared some important ideas to follow before you set out to buy a new car online. Not only these five tips, but one should also take care of the resale value, comfortable ride, safety features, test drive and other aspects before picking up the right car model.





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