Looking For a New Car: CarLelo Makes It Easy

• Experience a new way of car buying with CarLelo’s virtual showroom concept • Get access to a wide catalogue of brands and models from your favourite brands • Buy a car within minutes through this revolutionary online platform all from the comfort of your home

October 13, 2022     Team CarLelo
Looking For a New Car: CarLelo Makes It Easy

Are you in the market looking for a new car? Has your hunt for a new car become tedious and cumbersome? Then CarLelo is the best place to get some help. A seamless online portal for all car buying needs, CarLelo offers a unique virtual car showroom experience to its customers. It offers a comprehensive database with detailed options and extensive authorized dealership network to answer all your requests. Today, we tell you all about the ease of car buying through CarLelo.

Step 1: Search and Select Your Dream Car

Search and select dream car

At CarLelo, you get access to one of the most comprehensive new car databases currently in India. We have a detailed catalogue of over 30 brands offering close to 300 models. All models get detailed information to help make your journey easy.
Just visit the Car Lelo website and search and select the brand you like. Here you’ll be able to research, analyse, and compare cars based on your requirements, giving you a good idea about each model. Once you have decided the model you want click on ‘Get a Deal’. If you are unsure of which model to select, then head to our contact section and fill a form, our team of experts will get in touch with you to understand your needs and suggest a suitable car for you.

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Step 2: Get Deals From The Top Dealers

Get deal from top dealer

The biggest USP of using Car Lelo over other similar websites is our extensive dealer network. Once you select your model and trim, we take you through our dealer database. Here you will ne presented with all the dealers around you along with their location. You can opt to visit/ call/ chat with the dealer directly from our portal making it’s a hassle free experience. We offer you the opportunity to connect with multiple dealers across your city and avail deals at the best price possible.

Step 3: Avail Best EMI offers

Once you have decided your model and dealer, you can visit CarLelo’s loan page to check for the best EMI offers and also use the EMI calculator to plan your finances. With our tie-up’s various national and multi-national banks, we strive to offer you the best ROI on your new car loan.

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Step 4: Home Delivery Of Your New Car.

Home Delivery of New car

Once you’ve purchased your new car, with Car Lelo you can get it delivered to your doorstep. We try to make your new car buying a memorable experience with our seamless online platform and doorstep delivery service.

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