Should You Buy Your Next New Car from a Traditional Dealer or Online?

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October 04, 2022     Team CarLelo
Should You Buy Your Next New Car from a Traditional Dealer or Online?

For the longest time, the only way to purchase a new car was to visit a dealership and haggle for the best deal. However, in the post-pandemic world, with lockdowns and social distancing being the new normal, automakers have started to adopt the option of purchasing a car online. Yes, dealerships make more sense if you’re looking for the best deal possible, but buying a new car online makes the whole process much faster and easier. Today, we take a look at both ways of car buying to help you decide whether you should buy your next car from a traditional dealer or online?

New Car Buying: Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

Buying a car online is much faster than buying it offline. If all things go as they should, you can finalize the price within a single day and receive delivery of your new car in just a few days. The perks of being online are that things are faster as you don’t have to enter multiple rounds of negotiation or spend time travelling to dealerships. Online sales executives are considerably quicker in dealing with a customer.

New Car Buying: Cost


One of the biggest differences between buying a car online vs visiting a dealership is the costs. At a dealership, you can haggle for days to push the dealer into increasing the offers from their end. When buying online, the only new car deals are the discounts that’s being officially offered by the company. Bargaining at a dealership is easier compared to doing it over the phone. However, buying online means you save a lot on miscellaneous costs like travelling to and from the dealerships. However with platforms like CarLelo you can compare quotes from multiple dealers and get the best deal on your next new car purchase.

New Car Buying: Financing Options


A major factor that differentiates buying a new car online vs at a dealership is the finance option available. Dealerships usually convince you to finance a car through them with their partners, but with online buying you have the flexibility to select any reputed lender and get the best rate of interest.

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