MG Comet EV - Pros & Cons

  • Comet EV has the smallest turning radius of just 4.2 meters
  • It offers a certified range of up to 230km
  • Accessing the rear seats can prove cumbersome

MG Comet EV - Pros & Cons

The MG Comet has been around for a year and continues to stand out as the most budget-friendly electric vehicle currently available in the market. March 2024 saw an impressive sales figure of nearly 900 units, positioning it as the third best-selling model in MG's lineup, right behind the Hector and Astor SUVs. This achievement underscores the Comet's significant impact on the Indian automotive landscape within just a year of its launch.


Smallest Turning Radius

That’s right! The MG Comet boasts a remarkable turning radius of just 4.2 meters, making it a standout performer in navigating tight city streets and congested traffic conditions with ease.  Adding to its manoeuvrability is its compact size, measuring under 3 metres in length. To put this into perspective, the Tata Nano extends to a length of 3,164 mm.

Feature Loaded

MG Comet EV interior

Well, MG has been generous here, and I mean it. For starters, there’s a floating twin display housing the cluster and the infotainment system, both 10.25 inches each. Then there’s the nostalgia-inducing iPod-inspired steering wheel controls that feel great to operate just like the good old days. Besides three drive modes, regenerative braking (three levels) has also been offered.

Spacious Interior

MG Comet EV seating

Tall passengers in your family always complaining about the lack of headroom? Not anymore. Towering as a Jeep Compass, the Comet stands tall at a height of 1,640 mm.  With its exclusive platform, the Comet boasts a flat floorboard design, facilitating effortless movement inside the vehicle. Even the rear seats can be split in a 50-50 fashion for extended storage space. 

Advanced Battery Tech

With the 2024 update, MG introduced a 7.4 kW charger taking 3.5 hours to juice up the prismatic cell battery from nil. As for the range, MG claims an impressive 230 kilometres on a full charge. However, real-world conditions may lead to a slightly reduced range, with expectations hovering around the 190-kilometre mark.

Aggressive Pricing

Starting at a competitive price of ₹6.98 lakh, the Comet Executive trim presents an enticing offer, undercutting its closest rival, the Tiago EV, by approximately ₹1 lakh. But the savings don't end there. The range-topping Exclusive FC will cost you ₹9.23 lakh, saving you a whopping ₹2.66 lakh over the Tiago EV’s top-end trim. 


Subjective Styling

The Comet's exterior body design language is undeniably unique, which may not resonate with every consumer's taste. Additionally, its large 2-door format introduces a distinctive element, albeit with the trade-off of exposing the entire interior whenever the doors are opened.


MG Comet seats

The EV excels as a comfortable two-seater, but accommodating four passengers may pose challenges, particularly during longer journeys. Accessing the rear seats can prove cumbersome, given the limited slide of the front seats.

Boot Space

With the rear seats up there’s hardly any room for luggage, let alone accommodating four passengers comfortably. The situation is further compounded by the presence of tyre puncture and charging kits, which occupy the already limited space, leaving only a tiny area available for one or two backpacks, at best. Thus, for weekend getaways, the necessity to split-fold the rear seats becomes inevitable.

Driving Dynamics

With its tall-body design, the Comet suffers from tremendous body roll, a characteristic that's hard to overlook. Additionally, the use of 12 inches, while contributing to its unique aesthetic, proves less than ideal for both rough roads and high-speed driving, leading to a compromise in overall handling and stability. Furthermore, road noise stemming from the tyres permeates the cabin, exposing the cost-cutting done on noise-suppressing material.

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