Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC – Expert Review

Looking forward to a new performance car that is also practical? Then we have the perfect contender that intends to blow your mind every time you sit in it. Yes, we are talking about the dynamic Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC.

Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC – Expert Review

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Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC

Unlike other AMG’s, this is a special car. Look at its paint job; doesn’t it look striking? This baby step into the world of Mercedes AMG comes with all the bang and whistles. Priced at Rs 57.49 lakh (ex-showroom), does make sense to double up as an everyday car and an outright performance machine. Let us find out?

 Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC – Exterior Design

Mercedes-AMG-A35-4MATIC Exterior Design Highlights

Pic1: LED Headlamps with Eyebrow LED DRL; Pic2: LED Taillamp; Pic3: Rear Three-Quarter Design

Based on the Mercedes Benz A-Class Limousine, the A35 gets a few design upgrades to suite the AMG attire. For example the front end is characterised by a twin slat AMG chrome grille, and a sharp and edgy front bumper while the sides show-off the twin 5-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels and side skirt. The overall look of the car is completed with a rear boot lip spoiler, twin exhausts tips and a diffuser. The combination of all these elements provide the machine a menacing look.

Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC – Interior Layout

Mercedes-AMG-A35-4MATIC–Exterior Design

The inside of the A35 gets AMG inspired bits like a flat bottom steering and seats finished with red stitching, dual digital instrument cluster with read outs for a G-force meter, power and torque among many other functions. Plus we also get aluminium sport pedals for added sportiness.

Mercedes-AMG-A35-4MATIC–Interior-LayoutPic1: Wide Rear Bench; Pic2: Touchscreen with Sports Display; Pic3: Wide Panoramic Sunroof

Speaking of comfort, the font seats are bolstered quite well to hold you in place while being playful in this machine. There is enough head, shoulder and legroom to help you find a comfortable driving position. At the rear, similar to the A-Class, this one offers good amount of head, shoulder and legroom courtesy of its long wheelbase. The under thigh support is also great making long drives comfortable from this seat. What you also get here are rear ac vents, rear arm rest with cup holders and two type USB C slots. All-in-all, it is a nice place to be in whether in the driver’s seat or just in the passenger seat.

Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC – Engine and Performance

Powertrain is the most interesting part of this four-wheeler. Unlike the A-Class Limousine that features a 1.3-litre turbo petrol, the A35 AMG stands to offer a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine. This engine delivers a maximum power output of 306bhp with 400 Nm of peak torque. We get 143 extra horses, when compared to the standard A-Class and that shows on the road. Put your foot down and this thing moves putting a wide grin on your face.


But then can work as a regular commuter vehicle? In my view definitely it is a yes. Depending upon the drive mode selected, the suspension adjusts itself to provide a comfortable ride. Though it’s low ground clearance is going to be a spot of bother especially over our Indian made speed breakers, a good approach angle can help you glide over it with ease. Going over potholes and broken roads is not that much of a bother. Its ride quality is a bit on the stiffer side which can make long drives an area of concern.

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But the stiff suspension helps in the handling department, making the car go through direction change with ease. Track visits in this machine are bound to be very enriching to the souls of those individuals who love the thrill of speed and like taming horses on the occasional weekend.


Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC – Verdict

For what this package is worth, the paint job definitely helps attract attention no matter where you are. It is only when you take a closer look is when you can identify that the machine is special in its AMG attire. This to me is definitely a stand out point as the Mercedes-AMG A35 comes across cool and calm but when put into action it is a bit of a hooligan. Circling back to the question that we had asked initially, can this model double up as a performance machine and your everyday car? After having spent a decent amount of time both behind the wheel and at the rear, the answer is a definitive yes. We like the way it drives, handles and the comfort levels that it has to offer. If you are in the market for something that is nimble and can suit various profiles to be played within the week, then this can be just the right option for you.


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