Mercedes Car Models: A Complete Guide on Buying a Mercedes Benz!

• Finding the right new Mercedes car models can be challenging because of the plethora of options to choose from • Each model (from entry level to flagship) comes with its own set of pros and cons • Here is a guide to help you in your journey.

Mercedes Car Models: A Complete Guide on Buying a Mercedes Benz!

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world and the first luxury carmaker to enter the country. Since 1901, this brand has built cars that are technologically advanced and made with precision German engineering internationally. Currently there are a totally 16 Mercedes car models available on sale in India, making the task of find the perfect car a demanding task. This article aims to give you a good idea in selecting the perfect Mercedes Benz car model based on your need and preference.

Deciding on the Type of Mercedes-Benz You Want

A common rule of thumb to follow when buying a new car will be to find the purpose of the buying. Once you are clear with this you can define your budget and preference. This list should consist of factors like number of seats, engine type and body type. Once you have categorised the cars based on the above-mentioned factors, you can narrow down to select the perfect car.

Decide to buy Mercedes car

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Mercedes Benz Car Models, Body Types and Price

Mercedes-Benz currently manufactures a wide range of cars, each designed for a particular purpose. This means that there is a Mercedes-Benz for almost everyone. Below we discuss the body types and Mercedes car models in India.

Mercedes Car price and body type

#1) SUVs and Crossovers - 

Mercedes-Benz SUVs are some of the most luxurious vehicles on the market. These large cars are great for families as they offer a spacious and comfortable cabin. Most models come with a wide range of standard features and lots of optional extras. Mercedes car model line-up (SUVs) in India incudes the GLC (Rs 62 lakh), GLS (Rs 1.16 crore), AMG G 63 (Rs 2.55 crore), GLE (Rs 85.8 lakh onwards), G-Class (Rs 1.72 crore onwards), AMG GLA 35 (Rs 59.40 lakh onwards)

#2) Sedans - 

Mercedes Benz sedans offer a new world of luxury to its passengers. A perfect mix of style and practicality, these low-slung vehicles are a perfect choice for anyone looking to chauffer drive their cars. Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of sedans including the C-Class (Rs 55 lakh onwards), E-Class (Rs 67 lakh onwards), S-Class (Rs 1.6 crore onwards), Maybach S-Class (Rs 2.5 crores onwards), A-Class (Limo) (Rs 42 lakh onwards), AMG C 43 (Rs 82.47 lakh onwards), and A-35 (Rs 58 lakhs onwards) among others.

#3) SUV Coupes - 

In addition to SUVs, the company also offers powerful and sporty versions called the SUV Coupes. These cars provide the driver with a commanding view out along with supreme performance and aerodynamics. Current SUV Coupes in Mercedes Benz model line-up includes the GLA (Rs 44.9 lakh onwards), GLE 63 S (Rs 2.15 crore onwards), AMG GLE 53 (Rs 1.59 crore), EQC (Rs 99.5 lakh onwards), GLC 43 (Rs 87 lakh onwards) and the GLC Coupe (Rs 72.5 lakh onwards)

Key Points to Remember Before You Buy a Mercedes Car Model

Key points to remember buy a mercedes car

-    Buying from a trustworthy dealer (whether new or used) will make the buying process easier and more secure. 
-    Your next step is to find a car that meets your requirements. When you find a car that you like, make sure to test drive it. 
-    A test drive will help you decide if the car is right for you. 
-    Finally, make sure you negotiate a good deal before signing on the dotted line. Negotiating the price of your car is a great way to save some money.

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This is a brief introduction into the world of Mercedes Benz. Let us know which car you would buy and why?


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