Vocal for Local with Mercedes Benz EQS

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Vocal for Local with Mercedes Benz EQS

With Tesla having established itself as a giant, and making its mark in the EV industry; other vehicle manufacturers have joined the race. India has seen smiles and sadness when it comes to the news of giant companies like Tesla, Mercedes Benz and BBMW making a fully electric vehicle in India. Not all have been affirmations, but here we are. With Mercedes finally coming with the all new Benz EQC, and declaring it to be fully made in India. Seems like the vocal for local is taking a hit among vehicle manufacturers. It started with luxury limousines like the S-class, then expanded to the super-luxury Maybach and high-performance AMG brands, and is now expanding to the world of high-tech luxury EVs, with Mercedes-Benz confirming local assembly of its upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan in Chakan, Maharashtra in 2022. 

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is the company's first all-electric luxury limousine, dubbed the "S class of EVs" because of its designation. More crucially, it is the company's first 'born electric' vehicle, based on the EVA electric platform rather than an existing ICE model like the EQC, EQA, or EQB.

It certainly outperforms the S class in terms of technology, with features such as the 'Hyperscreen,' which consists of three interconnected screens that span the width of the dashboard, potentially surpassing even the S class's level of luxury thanks to its silent powertrain and more interior space provided by its born-electric platform (the standard-wheelbase EQS is said to offer the the space as the long wheelbase. 

It's unclear whether India will get the 334hp EQS 450+ or the 523hp EQS 580. Both have a 107.8kWh battery with a WLTP range of up to 770 kilometres. AMG also offers a high-performance EQS 53 variant, which may be available in India at a later date.

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The fact that Mercedes has announced the EQS's local assembly before the car has even been released is important. Sure, a small number of 'Launch Edition' vehicles may be imported as full CBU imports for the first wave of consumers, as the new S Class and several other Mercedes models were, but locally manufactured units are likely to go on sale in the fourth quarter of the year. 

It also shows the company's commitment to electric vehicles in India. The EQC was India's first luxury electric vehicle, but Jaguar followed with the I-Pace, and Audi followed with three e-tron SUV models and the e-tron GT four-door coupe. All of those cars, on the other hand, were pure CBU imports, and Mercedes could get the upper hand and take the lead from the top of the pyramid by assembling its flagship electric vehicle locally. 

With the launch of EV local assembly with the EQS, future EVs, such as the planned Mercedes EQE, which is based on the same EVA platform, will be able to be readily manufactured locally as well.

Apart from the unveiling of the Mercedes Benz EQS local assembly, Mercedes has stated that the company would debut a number of new models in the coming year, featuring models from all four of the company's sub-brands. Mercedes-Benz automobiles and SUVs, which will most likely include the new C-class sedan, are predicted to account for the majority of these. 

The new Mercedes Maybach S 580, an extended and more expensive version of the S class, will be on sale in March 2022, and will most likely be produced locally in Chakan. The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series will be the first vehicle from the Affalterbach high-performance stable, with the GT 63 S e-performance and the all-new SL roadster possibly joining it.

The EQC SUV will most certainly be reintroduced, as well as the AMG EQS 53, the new EQE sedan, and potentially the EQB small SUV, under the EQ electrified brand.

While there is no official word yet, we expect Mercedes to deliver the EQS to India as a halo model for its growing EQ electric car range, of which the EQC is already available. But what we have a word on is the commitment to provide you with the best deals on Mercedes Cars. 

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