5 Reasons Why Maruti Suzuki is Still the Most Reliable Brand in India

  • Maruti’s lineup starts with the Alto K10
  • 800 was launched in India in 1983
  • It has over 4,000 service stations in the country

5 Reasons Why Maruti Suzuki is Still the Most Reliable Brand in India

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car manufacturer, has been widely acclaimed for its affordability and wide service network. Maruti 800 in 1983 changed the Indian automotive landscape and also helped establish the brand's identity even before we saw the economic revolution.

For a car manufacturer to hold the top spot for over four decades is a testament to the strong fundamentals that the brand has going for itself. 

Below are listed five such reasons why Maruti continues to be the most reliable four-wheeler maker in the country.

Affordability Factor

Affordability Factor

India is a developing country and so are our income levels. Maruti Suzuki’s product lineup ranges from entry-level Alto K10 hatchback to the Invicto MUV. In the Japanese carmaker’s lineup, there’s a car for each individual from every income group. Furthermore, Maruti sells its cars via the Arena and Nexa outlets, bifurcating the two for a diverse group. Even the nomenclature that the brand uses is easy to understand while making a decision.

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Service Network

Service Network

Next up is the after-sales network that the car brand has to offer. Maruti Suzuki has its service centres present in the length and breadth of the country. Reports claim that the overall customer satisfaction from these service centres has been satisfactory and online reviews state that Maruti has one of the highest quality service centres with professionally trained staff. 

With over 4,000 service centres, Suzuki boasts the largest service network in India. Even the service costs for most Maruti cars are on the lower side and attract the majority of buyers in the country. 

Reliable Cars

Reliable Cars

As has been the norm for the Japanese, the ‘reliable DNA’ runs along in this factory. Even other carmakers like Toyota and Honda carry forward the same legacy and are known for their reliability as well. There is a reason why taxi buyers prefer cars like the Wagon R and DZire for commercial purposes as they are always high on fuel efficiency and rarely break down. 

This also goes on to show how keenly interested Maruti Suzuki is in providing its customers with dependable products and services. It is also important to note that such initial investments save a lot of money for the car brands and help in reducing the final cost of the cars, attracting the buyer.

Strong After-Sales

Strong After-Sales

Maruti Suzuki’s cars are always in demand and finding buyers is never a problem. The above-mentioned factors like affordability and a wide after-sales network go a long distance in supporting the after-sales network. Notably, safety is a concern for most cars in the carmaker’s lineup but this has not majorly affected the demand for these cars. 

As the initial acquisition cost of their cars is lower than other brands, the second-hand market takes the entire affordability game to the next level. The most in-demand cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable are the Swift, Dzire and Wagon R. 

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Fuel Efficiency

One aspect where Maruti Suzuki never compromises is what lies under the hood. Its engines are known to be extremely fuel-efficient and refined. For instance, the CNG Celerio has a best-in-class mileage of 34.43 kilometres per kilogram while it packs decent performance from a small and naturally aspirated petrol engine. 

In recent years, the brand has experimented with turbo-petrol blocks too. Engines from Maruti’s stable are even compliant with strong hybrid and mild hybrid tech. Notably, Maruti has stopped the production of diesel cars which were again high on fuel efficiency and power at the same time. Petrol cars with hybrid technology include - Grand Vitara, Baleno and Fronx.

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Q1. Why is Maruti Suzuki the Best in India?

Maruti Suzuki has a wide sales network and its lineup is priced for buyers from every income group. Even the resale value is excellent.

Q2. What is the Most Reliable Car Brand in India?

Existing for over 40 years in India, Maruti has established itself as a reliable and go-to brand.

Q3. Is Maruti Suzuki Successful in India?

Maruti has retained the title of the most successful car manufacturer in India for years, especially when it comes to sales numbers.

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