Top 5 Safest Tata Motors Cars

• Tata Motors is among the safest Indian brands • All Tata models are built using various internationally famed architectures (ALFA-Arc and OMEGA-Arc) • Here is a list of top 5 safest Tata cars

Top 5 Safest Tata Motors Cars

Safety has been an ever-growing concern in the Indian auto industry. With deteriorating road conditions and lack traffic discipline has made buying a safe car the need of the hour. The first companies the pop into our minds when we talk about safety are Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra. Designed and built indigenously, these companies offer unrivalled safety in their vehicles. In this story we are going to discuss about the ‘Top 5 Safest Tata Cars’ currently on sale in India.

1.    Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon EV

The most popular Tata car in the country, the Tata Nexon is available with a petrol, diesel and electric powertrain option. The Nexon is Tata’s last car to be built on the famed X1 platform that underpinned the first Indica. The new revisions to the chassis and the use of high strength steel has made car lighter, nimble and more fun to drive. The revision has also helped the company up the safety ante without compromising on the drivability of the SUV. The Tata Nexon was the first Indian made car to receive 5-star safety rating at the G-NCAP crash test.

2.    Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz

Tata Motors take on the hotly contested premium segment, the Altroz is the first hatchback to receive full 5-star safety rating. Built on the modular and scalable ALFA-Architecture, the car offers a hard exterior shell that can withstand high loads while still being flexile and agile. The compact received 16.13 points out of 17 for adult occupancy, which is among the highest in its segment and two segments above.

3.    Tata Punch

Tata Punch

Second car on the Alfa-Architecture, the Tata Punch is yet another car to achieve full 5-star rating. The car received 16.45 points out of 17 for adult occupancy which is more than the Altroz making it one of the safest Tata cars in the country. Helping it further enhance its safety, Tata has fitted the Punch’s seatbelts with a pretensioner even for the lower anchorage of the driver's seat which reduces the risk of injury to the driver’s knee from structures behind the fascia.

4.    Tata Tiago/ Tata Tigor

Tata Tigor EV

The most shocking product on this list will be Tata’s entry level hatchback, the Tiago. Unlike other inexpensive models in the competition, the Tata Tiago gets 4-start G-NCAP safety rating for adult occupants. Built on the X0 platform, the Tiago scored 12.52 points out of 17 making it the only entry level hatchback to offer 4-star protection. The car lacks ESC, ISOFIX anchorages and three-point seatbelts at certain seating position making it incapable of withstanding further loading. Built on the same chassis as the Tiago, the Tata Tigor shares its safety credentials with its younger sibling.

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5.    Tata Harrier/ Tata Safari

tata Harrier

The flagship products of Tata Motors in India, the Safari and Harrier have not undergone the gruesome G-NCAP crash test. One of the major reasons for the skip is due to the conversion of Fiat’s 2.0-litre diesel engine from LHD to RHD configuration. Due to the changes, the oil filter of the engine sits dangerously close to the firewall, which can lead to injuries to the drivers’ knees. Due to the fear of not scoring a full 5-star safety rating, Tata Motors has refrained from testing the car. But contrary to popular belief, the Tata flagship models have performed exceptionally well in real-life crash situation, helping its occupants walk-away unhurt.

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So, this is the list of the top-rated safe Tata cars. Let us know which is your favourite.

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