Why Should You Buy a Renault Car?

• Renault has been in the country for close to two decades now • Has transitioned from a JV partner to a full-fledged brand in the country • Here are 5 reasons to buy a Renault car

Why Should You Buy a Renault Car?

Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer that has been in operation since 2005 in India. It has come a long way since then with various models on offer. Renault cars are known for their modern and quirky design, advanced technology and affordable prices making their cars popular among Indian consumers. Despite a lean model line-up, the brand has managed to gain a strong presence in the Indian market and is currently on the rise to gain a larger market share with its products the Kwid and the Kiger.

Wide Variety of Renault Car Models

Renault Car Models

Over the last two decades in India, the company has offered a wide variety of products including hatchback, sedan and SUV. This means that there is a Renault for every type of car buyer: from budget-conscious buyers looking for a small hatchback to those looking for a spacious and stylish SUV. 

Renault launched various Renault car models over the years which got mixed responses from customers. This includes the Duster, Pulse, Kwid, Kiger etc. Many of these models could not make it in the market for a very long time and are now discontinued. 

Renault discontinued the Scala and Pulse in 2017 and now in 2022, it has also stopped producing the Duster. The presently available models have come down to three models, these are Kwid, Kiger and Triber. 

The Kwid is an entry-level hatchback with a digital instrument cluster and a starting price of 4.64 lakhs. Kiger is a compact SUV which can be bought at a price starting at 6 lakh rupees. The third is the Triber, which is a 7-seater with a 4-star NCAP rating and can be bought at a starting price of 6 lakhs.


One of the most important reasons behind the popularity of Renault cars in India is their stylish and modern designs. The brand has a reputation for incorporating the latest design trends in its cars, making them stand out on the roads.

For example, the Renault Kwid was the first hatchback in its price range to borrow style cues from the SUV look by featuring a muscular hood and sharp lines which made it look bold and sporty. This is also true for other models like the Triber which has a unique backlight and the Kiger which brings all the elements of modern styling into its design to give a confident look.

Fuel Efficient & Reliable

Fuel Efficient & Reliable

While Renault may not focus on this aspect in other markets that it operates in, it noticed that fuel efficiency is one of the most important aspects for any successful model in India.

Renault created models in India that are known for their fuel efficiency going neck to neck with competitors like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. Renault designed fuel-efficient engines, which help to keep running costs down and make them a popular choice for Indian consumers.

Furthermore, Renault cars when bought are also backed by a comprehensive warranty and after-sales service network, ensuring peace of mind for owners which adds to being more reliable.

Affordable Price Range

Price Range

India auto market is very sensitive to changes in the price of automobiles. Keeping this in mind, Renault kept the Renault car price in India affordable enough to reach the largest customer base possible. A prime example of this is the Kwid which is priced at Rs 4.64 lakh yet gets a multitude of features and futuristic looks when compared to the competition. 

Even though you will find many high-tech features available on Renault cars, they are generally considered to be quite affordable. This is particularly true when compared to some of the other foreign brands that are available in the Indian market. Renault's commitment to affordability has helped them gain confidence among Indian consumers.

Overview & Upcoming Renault Cars

Upcoming Renault Cars

Overall, Renault is a well-established and respected brand in the Indian automobile market. Its wide range of car models, commitment to safety, and focus on fuel efficiency and affordability have helped to make its cars popular among Indian consumers. With its commitment to offering good value for money, Renault is a top choice for many Indian car buyers. 

The brand is further planning to offer a range of electric vehicles in India, including the Renault Kwid Electric and the Renault ZOE. These cars will be powered by electric motors, making them more efficient and eco-friendlier than traditional petrol or diesel cars.

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