Petrol vs Diesel Car: Which One Is Better for You in India?

  • Petrol cars valid for 15 years, diesel for 10 years in Delhi
  • Maintenance cost of petrol cars lesser than diesel
  • Diesel cars are more fuel efficient than petrol counterparts

Petrol vs Diesel Car: Which One Is Better for You in India?

Are you planning to buy a new car and confused between petrol or diesel? Well, this is a common query of those buying a new car, especially those who are getting their first car. In this article, we have discussed which fuel type is right for you depending on factors including daily running, fuel consumption and service costs.

Differences between Petrol and Diesel Cars

To better understand the difference between petrol vs diesel cars, consider the following table:

Criteria Petrol Cars Diesel Cars
Initial buying cost           Petrol cars are generally priced cheaper than diesel     The upfront cost of diesel-engine cars higher     
Power Less torque than diesel Have excellent torque
Maintenance Easier to maintain Servicing costs are high
Emission They pollute lesser Diesel cars pollute more
CNG compatible Yes No
Fuel cost Petrol is significantly expensive Diesel is cheaper

The Hyundai Creta, for instance, comes with three engine options, including turbo petrol and diesel engines. The price, mileage and running costs differ across the variants and the same has been displayed in the following table:

Factors Creta NA Petrol Creta Turbo Petrol Creta Diesel
Engine capacity 1.5-litre 1.5-litre 1.5-litre
Mileage (Manual/ Automatic)   17.4 kmpl/ 18.4 kmpl   18 kilometres automatic only   21.8 kmpl/ 19.1 kmpl        
Power figures 113 bhp, 143.8 Nm 158 bhp, 253 Nm 113 bhp, 250 Nm
Starting price Rs. 11 lakh Rs. 20 lakh Rs. 12.56 lakh
Top model price Rs. 18.88 lakh Rs. 20.15 lakh Rs. 20.15 lakh

Hyundai Creta

As evident from the table above, the Diesel Creta has a superior mileage of 21.89 kilometres per litre than its petrol counterparts. To note, the three engines have a displacement of 1.5-litre but the turbo petrol mill is the most powerful of the lot.

The naturally aspirated motor is the cheapest while the base diesel Creta is expensive in its upfront cost by Rs. 1.56 lakh. Whereas, the turbo petrol Creta comes at Rs. 20 lakh, making it the most expensive among the three.

Petrol Engine Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cheap upfront cost High fuel cost
Lower emissions than diesel cars Lesser mileage than diesel
Maintenance costs on the lower side   Running cost is high in the long run  

 Diesel Engine Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High Upfront Cost Lower Fuel Cost
Mileage on the Higher Side than Petrol       Higher Emissions
Running Costs significantly less High Maintenance Costs     

Petrol Cars That You Can Consider Buying

Diesel Cars That You Can Consider Buying

Price Comparison of Petrol and Diesel in Metro Cities

City Petrol (per litre)  Diesel (per litre)
Delhi Rs. 94.72 Rs. 87.62
Chennai        Rs. 100.98          Rs. 92.56
Kolkata Rs. 103.94 Rs. 90.76
Mumbai Rs. 104.21 Rs. 92.15

Note: Prices as of May 6, 2024

Should You Buy a Petrol or a Diesel Car?

In conclusion, choosing between a petrol or a diesel car boils down to individual needs and preferences. If you are someone who takes out the car only for short trips during the week and likes going on weekend drives, petrol will be the right choice for you as its initial cost and maintenance would be less.

Emission would be on the lower side as well and these engines are compatible with CNG too.

Diesel cars on the other side have a higher upfront cost but this cost is compensated in the long run as they are high on mileage and the fuel is significantly cheaper than petrol.

If slightly high maintenance costs and 10-year validity (in NCR) aren’t a concern for you, diesel cars still pack a lot of value for money.


Q1. Which car is better, Diesel or Petrol?

If your running is low, buy a petrol car for cheap maintenance and smooth running. For long highway runs, diesel is ideal as it offers superior torque and mileage.

Q2. What are the Disadvantages of Diesel Cars in India?

Diesel cars require regular maintenance and they are expensive to service. Emissions from a diesel engine are on the higher side than a petrol engine as well.

Q3. What are the Disadvantages of Petrol Cars?

Petrol prices have increased significantly and this leads to higher running costs. Other disadvantages may include a lack of power and fuel efficiency than diesel cars.

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