What Makes BMW Different From Other Cars?

  • BMW’s logo represents flag of Bavaria in Germany
  • Dixi, the first car launched by BMW, came in 1928
  • Its headquarter building is built in the shape of a four-cylinder engine

June 21, 2024     Uday Singh
What Makes BMW Different From Other Cars?

When we talk about premium four-wheelers, BMW often stands as a brand synonymous with luxury, performance and innovation. But what exactly sets BMW Cars apart from the plethora of other cars in the market? In this blog, we will discuss unique elements that make cars from BMW exclusive and delve into technical aspects to determine its quality as a carmaker.

Price List Of BMW Cars On Sale In 2024



Price (Ex-showroom)


Rs. 2.60 crore

BMW M8 Coupe Competition

Rs. 2.44 crore

BMW 7 Series

Rs. 1.81 crore - Rs. 1.84 core

BMW M4 Competition

Rs. 1.53 crore


Rs. 1.27 crore - Rs. 1.30 crore


Rs. 99 lakh


Rs. 96.20 lakh


Rs. 96 lakh - Rs. 1.09 crore


Rs. 90.90 lakh

BMW 6 Series

Rs. 73.50 lakh - Rs. 78.90 lakh        

BMW 3 Series

Rs. 72.90 lakh


Rs. 68.50 lakh - Rs. 87.70 lakh

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine      

Rs. 60.60 lakh - Rs. 62.60 lakh


Rs. 49.50 lakh - Rs. 52.50 lakh

BMW 2 Series

Rs. 43.90 - Rs. 46.90 

1. Heritage and Legacy

BMW, short for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, has a rich automotive history dating back to 1916. The German carmaker has always emphasised quality, performance and innovation with its cars and over the decades, that has become a hallmark of its brand identity.

2. Design Philosophy

BMW follows ‘The Ultimate Driving machine’ design philosophy and that is evident in its lineup of products that they manufacture. Some of the noticeable exterior features that you could be familiar with include the iconic kidney grille, sleek body lines and dynamic proportions. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they also are aerodunmically designed to increase performance and improve driving dynamics.

3. Engines


From petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains to EVs, BMW has a range of vehicles in its lineup to cater to a wide range of buyers with varying budgets. For instance, the 3 Series has a 2-litre TwinPower turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that is capable of making 255 horsepower and 400 Newton metres of torque, allowing it to go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.3 seconds. Notably, BMW has an M division that makes high-performance cars aimed at enhtusiasts.

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4. Chassis and Handling

Most of the cars from BMW come with a rear-wheel drive setup, making them fun to drive at all times. For example, the 5 Series is equipped with an active steering system, making it sharp at the corners at high speeds. It also has to do with the aerodynamic styling of the body and advanced engineering of the chassis that can take extreme bends and go through corners with ease, giving the driver full handling control.

5. Technology and Innovation

Bmw Engine

BMW has developed its iDrive system after taking into consideration feedback from a lot of buyers in the automotive industry. Currently, BMW’s iDrive comes with the OS 8 with features like gesture control and customisable digital display. It gives the occupants easy control over navigation, entertainment and vehicle settings via the touch screen and other touch points.

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6. Sustainability Motive

BMW is a brand that has sustainability at the forefront in anything that they do. Its electric ‘i’ series, including models like the i3 and i8, showcases  that they have the technology and want to act now for a greener future. Additionally, the BMW iX comes with a range of 483 kilometres on a full charge, showcasing how focused the brand is when it comes to less polluting vehicles.

7. Fun To Drive

Bmw- Fun to Drive

If you want to buy a car that is super fun to drive and boasts luxurious interiors, consider buying a BMW car for yourself. From 2 Series to the range topping XM, BMW’s cars offer great driving pleasure to the drivers. In fact, if you like to be chauffeur driven, BMW has offerings like the 7 Series that are high on luxury and make you feel like you are travelling in the business class of cars.

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