Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV, FRONX EV, Wagon R EV to Launch in India

  • Suzuki reveals its electric vehicles plans
  • The first fully electric car by Maruti will go on sale by 2025 in India
  • Five more EVs to come into production by 2030, including Maruti Jimny EV, FRONX EV, and Wagon R EV

Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV, FRONX EV, Wagon R EV to Launch in India

Earlier this month, Maruti Suzuki India Limited announced at Delhi Auto Expo 2023 to launch its first BEV in the Indian market by 2025. In addition, the company will expand its green portfolio including hybrids, fully electric cars, and variants powered by biogas, ethanol-gasoline mix fuels, and CNG. Possibilities are that Maruti would launch the electric version of Jimny, FRONX, and Wagon R in India. This global strategy plan is a part of Maruti’s parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Besides India, Suzuki will be executing its carbon neutrality roadmap plan in Japanese and European markets as well.

Maruti’s first EV to go on sale by 2025

Maruti Suzuki Jimny

The recently concluded Auto Expo started off with the appearance of Maruti’s first fully electric concept named eVX which will hit the Indian markets by 2025. Apart from this electric concept, Maruti aims to produce smaller and mass-market electric vehicles for their future EV portfolio. However, the upcoming BEVs from Maruti will face tough competition from the likes of Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors which have disclosed their ambitious plans to bring a range of born-electric cars. In fact, Mahindra and Tata have already taken steps ahead in the electric vehicle segment with the XUV400 and Nexon EV.

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But, this should also be noted that Tata and Mahindra are going towards a majority of bigger vehicles for their future electric car portfolio while Maruti is focused on affordability and offering the best value to its buyers.

Know more about Maruti EV roadmap

Maruti Suzuki Fronx

Maruti Suzuki is expected to have 6 new battery electric vehicles in India by 2030. This will add up to around 15 percent of overall production by 2023. These will include Maruti’s Jimny EV, FRONX EV, and Wagon R EV. Whereas hybrid electric vehicles are likely to make up around 25 percent of overall production by 2030. Some new HEV models are expected to be introduced in the coming years. For now, Maruti only has the Grand Vitara compact SUV as a strong hybrid option to offer. The contribution of internal combustion engines is expected to be around 60 percent by 2030.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR
Moreover, the carbon neutrality goals from Suzuki will be different in India as compared to other markets– the reason is India’s carbon neutrality goal has been set for 2070 while Europe has targeted to become carbon neutral by 2050. For Japan, Suzuki aims for a BEV ratio of 20 percent by 2030. It will also have 6 BEVs by 2030, just like India. However, Suzuki’s portfolio will only include BEVs and HEVs for Japan while India will still have options for ICE-based models. Besides, the remaining ratio is targeted at 80 percent share in production by 2030.

Whereas in Europe, the targeted powertrain ratio of Suzuki is totally opposite of the Japanese market. It is targeting 80 percent for BEV and 20 percent HEV mix in Europe by 2030. Further, the continent will be bringing 5 new BEVs by 2030.

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