Top 5 Reasons that Make KIA Cars Popular in the Indian Market

KIA Motors India stands out in comparison to other car brands, breaking through 6,00,000 sales till November 2022 - Its dynamic designs, hi-tech features, and sales network make the brand dominating in the Indian market

Top 5 Reasons that Make KIA Cars Popular in the Indian Market

Kia Motors arrived in the Indian car market in 2019 and debuted their first Made in India SUV, the Seltos. Since then, the company has been among the competitive brands in the country. Moreover, KIA has made its clear place by manufacturing world-class vehicles while keeping in mind young buyers as their target customers. At present, KIA has 5 car models available in the Indian market and all its models are performing well and are highly demanded. Find out what are the reasons that make this South Korean carmaker popular in the Indian market.

KIA Cars Dynamic Designs

Kia Interior Design

A good product design plays a vital role in making a brand strong. That’s where KIA takes a lead with its dynamic design ideologies for cars. Kia India is one of the few automakers that has integrated design and engineering in their car models so synchronously that KIA cars are not just stylish but also practical.

Kia Seat Design

The simplicity of the straight line is one of the main fundamentals that underpin the design philosophy of KIA. With this philosophy, the automaker associates straight lines with three main traits; clarity, precision, and distinctiveness. Combined with its signature tiger-nose grille and comfortable cabin, the KIA cars offer much more than basic satisfaction. Undoubtedly, the future of KIA designs looks positive, vibrant, and eye-catching.

KIA Cars Special Features

Kia Features

KIA is well known for the hi-tech features in its car models. For instance, KIA Seltos has bonus features such as sun blinds, electrically adjustable driver’s seats, and air purifiers. The KIA Sonet has got equipment like front-ventilated seats, and a 360-degree camera at an attractive price point. KIA Carens offers the electric one-touch folding functionality for the second-row of seats while the KIA Carnival provides dual sunroof and rear touchscreen features. All in all, KIA has integrated smart features in its cars to attract customers while smoothing their driving experience.

KIA Cars Multiple Powertrain Options

Besides providing advanced features, KIA India provides multiple engine options with a choice of petrol and diesel powertrains along with multiple transmission options such as iMT, DCT, CVT, AT and MT. Consequently, it becomes convenient for the buyers to select a variant that suits their requirements and budget.

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KIA Cars Sales and Service Network

Kia Cars Sales

The South Korean company has a widespread sales and service network in India. With the sale of 24,025 units in November 2022, KIA India touched 6,00,000 unit sales in the domestic market. Undoubtedly, KIA is a formidable player in the passenger vehicle market.

The company is also growing in terms of its service network. Before the launch of its first car in India, KIA Seltos, the company had set up 192 service centres across 160 cities in the country. Along with healthy sales, KIA aimed an expansion plan of the dealership network to 225 cities. In addition, the company aimed to grow the touchpoint centres from the current 339 to 400.

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KIA Cars Price and Rivals

KIA India currently has five models including the Seltos, Sonet, EV6, Carens, and Carnival. The price of KIA car models ranges between Rs 10 lakh to 64.95 lakh (ex-showroom). Here is a curated pricing list of KIA cars with their relevant pricing:


 KIA Car Models                           

  Prices  (Ex-Showroom)                      

  KIA Seltos

  Rs 10.49-18.65 lakh

  KIA Sonet

  Rs 7.49-13.99 lakh


  Rs 59.95-64.95 lakh

  KIA Carens

  Rs 10-18  lakh

  KIA Carnival

  Rs 30.99-35.49 lakh


Since KIA entered in 2019, the South Korean company is giving tough competition in the Indian automotive industry. Each car model of Kia India takes likes on the popular cars including Hyundai Creta, MG Hector,  Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Maruti Suzuki XL6, and Toyota Innova Hycross.

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KIA Carens
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KIA Seltos
Starting at ₹ 10,89,900
EMI Starting at ₹ 15,289
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KIA Sonet
Starting at ₹ 7,99,000
EMI Starting at ₹ 11,208
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