Electric Vehicle Concepts to Checkout at Delhi Auto Expo 2023

  • Maruti eVX Concept first pure EV from the auto giant
  • Tata Motors is showcasing 4 EV concepts
  • Lexus RC-30 most radical-looking concept car at the event

January 14, 2023     Team CarLelo
Electric Vehicle Concepts to Checkout at Delhi Auto Expo 2023

With the rapid growth of the EV segment in India, it is no wonder electric vehicles are the talk of the town at the 2023 Delhi Auto Expo. With almost every participating automaker showcasing electric concepts at the Motor Show, we take a look at the ones you must check out.

Maruti eVX Concept

Maruti eVX

Maruti Suzuki India’s largest automaker is showcasing the New eVX electric SUV Concept at the Auto Expo. It will be a global product that is being developed for international and domestic markets alike. Visually, the compact electric SUV features a brand-new design language with an aerodynamic silhouette, short overhangs, and high ground clearance. The concept is a part of the brand’s vision for future Maruti EVs.

Underpinned by a dedicated platform, the eVX uses a 60-kWh battery pack that has a claimed range of 550 kms. Dimensions-wise, it is a similar size as the Hyundai Creta, but its skateboard EV architecture means it will comparatively have a bigger cabin.

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Kia Concept EV9

Kia Concept

Walk into Kia’s pavilion at hall number 9 and the first thing that will catch your attention is the EV9 electric SUV Concept. Unlike other EV concepts which feature a futuristic design, the EV9 with its refreshingly big, boxy, and rugged design harks back to the ladder-framed 4x4 SUV.

Take a look inside and the interior is full concept fancy with its 27-inch screen, spoke-less steering wheel and a lounge-like seating layout with the middle row of seats folding flat and the front passenger seat swivelling around.

The concept SUV is said to be fitted with a 77.4-kWh battery pack that supports 350-kW DC fast charging, Kia claims a range of 483 kms on a full charge.

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BYD Seal

BYD Seal

The latest entrant to the rapidly growing Indian EV market, BYD is exhibiting its Seal sedan at the event. The centerpiece of hall number 5, the brand has confirmed that the EV will be arriving in India by the end of 2023. Billed as a Tesla 3 killer, the Seal is pleasing to the eye with its ‘Ocean Aesthetics’ design language that looks understated yet premium.
The premium feel continues inside with a large 15.6-inch floating display dominating the layered dashboard, a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and a clear crystal gear selector.

The Seal uses BYD’s innovative ‘Blade Battery’ that is integrated into the body of the car itself, increasing structural rigidity and aiding handling. Upon launch, BYD will offer both single-motor and dual-motor variants.

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Tata Avinya EV Concept

Tata Avinya

Arguably the busiest brand at the Expo, Tata Motors is showcasing a host of EV concepts, including the Avinya which made yet another India appearance at the event. The four-door concept will serve as the basis for all upcoming pure EVs from the brand. The design is futuristic and modern, with key highlights being the stretched ‘T’ LED light bars up front and towards the rear. Further the other attractive point is its suicide doors.
Take a look inside and you’ll notice that the Avinya’s dashboard features an integrated display. There is no big infotainment system that we generally get to see in a concept vehicle. According to the company, this has been done to avoid any distractions inside the car. The Avinya showcases the automaker’s bespoke Generation 3 bespoke EV platform, which allows Tata more freedom to experiment with new upcoming electric vehicle concepts.

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Tata Harrier EV

Tata harrier EV

The homegrown automaker is also showcasing the Harrier EV Concept. Under the new electric vehicle division .EV, the company is providing a glimpse into their ‘Born’ electric platform which is expected to serve as a base for multiple body styles and configurations.

While you may recognize it as a Harrier in profile, you will notice the EV’s all-new front fascia which is highlighted via a blanked off-grille and headlights. The rear-end too gets a new light bar spanning the electric SUV’s width.

Further the company has stated that the Harrier EV will get a dual electric motor AWD setup but specifics into the exact powertrain configuration is not yet known.  

Tata Sierra EV Concept

Tata Sierra

Tata Motors is exhibiting its upcoming flagship model the Sierra EV Concept in a near production avatar while also confirming that it will be launched by the year 2025.
Featuring the brand’s new Impact 2.0 language, the Sierra EV Concept looks futuristic but also features nods to the original SUV, like the blacked-out C- and D-pillars that mimic the wraparound rear glass house. Inside, the Sierra gets a swiveling front passenger seat which paired to the rear branch creates a lounge-like area. Interestingly, the Kia EV9 also has a similar layout.
In what came as a surprise, Tata stated that the Sierra will come in both electric and ICE-powered variants as its ALFA platform can accommodate both powertrains.

Lexus LF-30

Lexus LF -30

Easily the most radical-looking concept at show, the LF-30 is a showcase of tech advancements and design for Lexus cars in coming years. Enter hall number 10 and the spaceship-looking concept at Toyota/Lexus pavilion will instantly catch your attention with its massive gullwing doors which are hinged to the glass roof.

Take a glimpse inside and you will notice the LF-30’s Tazuna concept interior which according to Lexus is designed to let the driver control various functions without getting distracted while driving. Other notable features include speakers built into the headrests and gesture control on the roof for the SkyGate AR display.

The LF-30 Concept is said to be powered by a 110-kWh battery pack powering four electric motors that make a combined power output of 544 bhp with 700 Nm of peak torque. Its range is claimed at 500 kms while the battery supports 150 kW fast charging.

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