Tips and Tricks to Manage a Car Loan

• Enjoy the benefits of a car loan by planning early • Select the right lender and get the best ROI • Pay bills on time and maintain a good credit score

Tips and Tricks to Manage a Car Loan

Cars have become an important necessity of modern life, requiring enough consideration and planning. When we do decide on a car, the upfront costs involved make car buying difficult and not for everyone. This is the reason why car loans have become quite popular.

car loan allows you to enjoy the perks of owning a car without financial barriers. The recent advancements in technology have made availing a car loan hassle free and an easy process. Wondering about the other benefits of an auto loan? 

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Find below some tips and tricks to manage your car loan to help you pay off your instalments with ease.

  • Choose a Car Wisely

Buying a new car is a decision which we may not make too often. However, you need to choose a car and model that fits well within your budget. While the salesman may push you around to opt for the priciest vehicle, the ultimate purchase decision should come objectively.

You need to consider If I can pay the EMIs with my current monthly budget? Can I afford the monthly maintenance expenses of this vehicle? The best way to find answers to your question is by using an online car loan EMI calculator to get an idea on the number of instalments and EMI amounts needed to be paid.

  • Start Off With a Good Down Payment

Making a considerable down payment upfront can ease the burden on the pending liability. While it will be breaking the bank, this payment can turn advantageous in the future. But opt for this option only if your account balance allows you to. Otherwise, select a good loan tenure that offers a lower rate of interest and comes with lucrative foreclosure options.

  • Plan With a Good Budget

It is always good to start off with a set budget before jumping into any decision. Planning with a budget can help you understand your current financial position and carefully weigh the upcoming expenses and monthly repayments.

According to financial experts, your EMI should not exceed 15 percent of your financial income.

  • Pay EMIs on Time

Always ensure to pay your EMIs on time. You need to take a disciplined approach while paying EMIs. This can take you closer to the dream of owning a new car. Moreover, you will have a good credit score which can help you get future loans with minimum documentation.

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  • Opt For Short Tenure Loans

Banks often provide lower interest rates for short to medium tenure auto loans. Though the EMI amount would be higher, the stress of outstanding liability will be taken off from your shoulder faster. If you cannot afford the high EMI amount of shorter loan tenures, then opt for longer duration ones.

We hope that you will be able to manage your car loan wisely with these proactive tips and tricks. If you are looking to purchase your new dream car with an auto loan, you have come to the right place!! Compare different lenders and calculate the estimated EMI payments with our super cool car loan EMI calculator.

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