Your Guide To Choosing the Right BMW Car

  • BMW car consists of a long list of 19 models
  • BMW car models are split into sedans, convertibles, SUVs and coupes
  • Here is a quick guide to selecting the perfect BMW car model

Your Guide To Choosing the Right BMW Car

BMW is one of the most sought-after luxury car brand in the international market. A premier car maker in the country, BMW car models are manufactured in India and exported to different parts of the world. Over the years, the brand has introduce many international models that enhance the thrill of driving. Walk into a BMW showroom and you will be welcomed by a vast portfolio of models consisting of sedans, SUVs, Coupes and more. This long list of model has made selecting a BMW car model an overwhelming and tedious task.


BMW Cars Model: Nomenclature 

Much like its German counterparts, BMW names its car models using alpha-numeric series. The “Series” title with a prefixed number is used to represent the sedan line-up and includes models like the BMW 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and more. The X prefix is used to signify the SUV (odd) and Coupes (even) line-ups like X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7. Roadster models are represented by the letter ‘Z’ and ‘i’ models represent the all-electric line-up. 


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In addition to these standard model portfolio, BMW car models are also available in a special ‘M’ performance division and consists of models like the M4, M5 and M8 in India.

BMW Cars in India- Pricing and Segmentation

In India, BMW’s sedan line-up starts with the 2 Series entry-level sedan priced from Rs 41.50 lakh (ex-showroom). It is a front-wheel drive 4-door coupe which offers quite a luxurious experience with a little compromise in the cabin space. Moving higher up, the 3 Series is where the German rear-wheel-drive pedigree kicks and it is the brand’s bestselling model globally with the price starting from Rs 46.90 lakh. If you are ready to stretch your budget a bit more than the 5 Series will welcome you with its best-in-class comfort and superb driving dynamics. With a budget of around Rs 70 lakh, BMW has the 6 Series Gran Turismo which is bound to sway you away with its distinctive styling. For the best chauffeur-driven experience, the top-of-the-line flagship 7 Series at Rs 1.42 crore will fit your bill. 

BMW Car Models

On the other side, BMW’s SUVs and Coupes portfolio start from Rs. 41.50 lakh for the entry X1. The price graph moves upwards with the increase in dimensions. The X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7 will cost you in the range of Rs 62 lakh and Rs 1.18 lakh offering variety to its customers.
The Z4 at Rs. 71.90 lakh will give you a good amount of wind in the hair feeling and it’s among the very few convertibles available in this country. While the environment-friendly all-electric iX and i4 will set you back by Rs. 1.16 crore and Rs. 69.90 lakh respectively. 

BMW Car Price In India

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Last but not the least, the enthusiast inside you will pull you towards the performance-oriented M division vehicles like the BMW M4, M5 and M8 which will set you back by anywhere around Rs 1.4 crore to Rs 2.2 crore (ex-showroom). 

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