BMW i3 Born Electric Car

BMW i3 Born Electric Car

Futuristic looks, an extremely adorable body layout, and electric running in its veins; here comes the all-new BMW i3. The i3 is the most unfamiliarized BMW you might find on the Indian roads after its launch in June 2021. The launch still stumbles around controversy, but we have our eyes on it. Following the low carbon emission footprint of its big brother i8, the i3 is also focused on giving out more power on the stake of low emissions. BMW also claims that 80% of the vehicle is made with recycled materials. The i3 also comes with a hybrid option, where the car is packed with a two-cylinder engine to recharge the batteries. 

The sport-looking hatchback comes with a big 20-inch wheel and BMW’s trademarked blackbelt; that consists of the black bonnet, roof, and a tailgate. Along with the vehicle standing out itself, what might awestruck most are the design, majorly the taillights, which are embedded inside the class panel-like surface on the tailgate. 

BMW has tried its luck on accommodating doors similar to that of Rolls Royce. After all, why not? They own the British brand. The doors would still need to catch up as one can only open the rear doors after opening the front ones. What may have struck most of the customers is the absence of the B pillar in the car. This is made possible with the reinforced carbon fiber flooring on the car that provides enough structural support to pass the NCAP rating with flying colors. 

Getting in the back seat, you realize the car is more of a Mini Hatchback. The tight space, limited headroom, and window limitations make the vehicle a tad bit uncomfortable in the back. The front section is as different as it may seem. The absence of a transmission tunnel makes it roomier, the dashboard pushed too far ahead to the windscreen, and the car's overall height; everything seems different in the i3. 

The 33.2KwH battery pack has a relatively long way to go when on roads. The battery is no less than that of its fellow competitors in the hatchback segment. The overall acceleration is pumped in through the rear-mounted motors that combine with a single-speed gearbox. The linear power delivery claims a 0-100kmph in 6.9 seconds. 

The car is no less in performance. The smooth steering wheels provide better steering maneuverability in tight corners at high speed. Driving the vehicle seems like any other BMW, delivering what promised. Though the vehicle still might have to wait before coming to India, we sure will have exciting deals awaiting it.