All You Need to Know About Brand New Tata Cars in India

• Tata Motors is celebrating its most successful time in the Indian automobile industry • The company has come out with a new concepts based on the Impact Design Philosophy • Altroz EV, Harrier, Sierra, Curvv, and Avinya are the upcoming Tata car launches in India

All You Need to Know About Brand New Tata Cars in India

Tata Motors has been one of the most prominent and oldest auto manufacturers in India since 1945. The company branched out to manufacturing passenger vehicles in 1988 with the launch of the TataMobile and the Sierra. The company launched India’s first indigenious car, the Indica in 1998 and has grown from strength to strength. The company also introduced its l Impact Design language based on its collaboration with British marque Jaguar Land Rover. The philosophy behind the new models is to create a bold, energetic, and youthful look. The philosophy ensures unique design elements, aerodynamic fluidity, and contemporary styling to make the car eye-catching.

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Tata Cars: Design Defines the Success of the Car

Tata Safari

Today cars are all about tech and Tata has come up with new concepts as well. In recent times, we have seen a huge transformation in the products of Tata Motors. The company owes a lot to its design studio in the UK, headed by Martin Uhlarik, CDO, Tata Motors.

According to the refreshed Impact Design Philosophy of Tata Motors, the exterior design is defined in three terms; Exciting, Expressive, and Extraordinary.

  • The exciting and strong proportions of the body to the cabin give the car a wonderful sense of dynamism. For instance, the segment-leading wheel sizes and the powerful fender volumes will create a purposeful stance and distinctive road presence.
  • Expressive surfaces provide the cars with a futuristic expression. For example, its grille blends into the lamps that enhance the width of the car model, underpinned by instantly recognizable and more 3-dimensional Humanity Line; dynamism and movement that is created through the slingshot line, will be highlighted by the Diamond shaped window in the side view.
  • Extraordinary attention to detail will strengthen and reflect the India-Global Design. For example, a new Tri-Arrow pattern will make an appearance on Tata cars.


Similarly, the interior design of the Tata cars is defined as Inviting, Intelligent, and Intouch according to the company’s philosophy.

  • Inviting interior design is quite pretty and elegant. It also balances the requirements of the customer with the aesthetic playfulness that catches the eye and invites further investigation.
  • Intelligent use of material choices and clever colour combinations improve the perception of tactile quality, strengthened by ingenious storage and accessory options that allow the customer to smartly configure and shape their driving environment.
  • Intouch and well-designed comfort, with innovative and intuitive in-car technology positioning screens strategically to create an effortless driving experience.


Tata Motor’s Engine

Tata Car Engine

While the company is still dependent on FAC/Stellantis for its large capacity engines, it has created two exciting products for its budget models. The current engine lineup consists of the 1.2-litre Revotron three-cylinder petrol engine that produces 84 bhp and 113 Nm offered with the Tigor, Tiago, Altroz, and Punch in its naturally aspirated state. Moreover, Tata also offers the turbocharged version of the same engine with Altroz (108 bhp/140 Nm) and Nexon (118 bhp/170 Nm). The other is the Revotorq 1.05-litre diesel engine which has been designed to maximise fuel economy while providing a highly refined on-road performance. This engine also offers multi drive mode supported by the state-of-the-art EMS. Based on its performance, economy, and refinement, this engine has been globally benchmarked.

Tata Punch

Presently, Tata is working on introducing the optional CNG powertrain with some of its models including Tigor, Altroz and Tiago. Further, the brand is aiming to bring ten new long-range EVs in near future; Altroz EV is likely to be the first one followed by an electric version of Tata Punch.

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Tata Cars Models and Starting Price

As of now, Tata offers 13 cars which include four Hatchbacks, six SUVs, two Sedans, and 1 Pickup Truck. Tata car price starts at Rs 5.44 lakh (ex-showroom) for Tiago while the most expensive model, the Nexon EV Max is priced at Rs.18.34 lakh (ex-showroom).

Tata Cars Next Plan

Tata Car

Tata has been working on its new model and upgrading its features with new technology. There are around six cars from the company that are going to be launched between 2023-2024. In India. It includes the Altroz EV (2023), Harrier (2023), Sierra (2023), Curvv (2024), and Avinya (2025).

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