iRA Technology – Driving Best Deals on Tata Cars

iRA Technology – Driving Best Deals on Tata Cars

Tata Motors has announced the turbo petrol model of the Tata Altroz luxury hatchback, which is the company's most powerful premium hatchback to date. It is also the company's first hatchback to feature Tata Motors linked car technology, dubbed 'iRA.' The connected car platform is presently available in the Altroz lineup and will be available in more vehicles soon.

Tata has joined the bandwagon with its Tata iRA linked car function, which is becoming a standard component in most automobiles in India. The introduction of the iRA technology has bought some of the best selling cars in India.  The best deals on tata harrier are still a blessing as the reputable Indian company is known for always providing a premium experience, they have spared no expense in equipping their products with only the best. The following is a full explanation of all Tata iRA features.

How the iRA technology helps to drive best deals on Tata Cars

The iRA linked car technology was originally debuted in the Nexon EV in 2019, and it later made its way to the Nexon with petrol and diesel engines. Now that the technology has been introduced in the Tata Altroz, the business is planning to incorporate it into the Harrier SUV (insert the blog : Tata Safari - Dark Edition_ Finally Unveiled) as well. The Tata Motors Team stated, "The introduction of iRA technology has been gradual. We had it on the Nexon, now we have it in the Altroz, and certainly, it will be available in additional vehicles in our lineup shortly."

Tata iRA is a suite of internet-based services that improve the convenience and safety of your Tata vehicle. The characteristics of Tata iRA are divided into five categories: remote control, vehicle security, driver analysis, live diagnosis, and location-based services.

The remote control allows you to conduct different activities on your vehicle remotely, such as locking and unlocking, turning on and off lights, and blowing horns. It also indicates the distance till the car's available gasoline is depleted. 

Six features are available for vehicle security. In the event of an emergency, the emergency SMS sends a message to your emergency contacts as well as the nearby RSA. The intrusion alarm function sends you an alert if someone tries to enter your vehicle. You can also remotely immobilize your vehicle. Furthermore, you may receive the automobile location on your phone by using the 'Find my Car' option.

If you are traveling alone and want emergency assistance, you can notify your emergency contact by hitting the SOS button. This can also be accomplished by simultaneously tapping the lock and unlock buttons. 

You can connect with a group of other Tata iRA users by using the 'Gamification' feature. This feature also provides you with a driving score and driving advice to help you improve your driving. The driving score is calculated based on acceleration, braking, and other driving parameters and can be shared with other Tata iRA users.

In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the next Tata Safari had this connected technology as well. The iRA connected automobile technology was created in India, for India, and has 27 features such as remote lock/unlock, geo-fencing, and live vehicle diagnosis, among others.

It's unlikely that we'll see similar technology in the Tata Tiago and Tata Tigor anytime soon, as it would almost probably raise the pricing of the variations. We'll have to wait and see what the company's goal is for linked car technology in its other models.

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