Volkswagen APP550 Electric Motor Details Revealed

  • Will make its debut on the VW ID7 this year
  • Mahindra to adapt it for its INGLO platform
  • Will power all upcoming Mahindra Born Electrics

Volkswagen APP550 Electric Motor Details Revealed

Earlier this year in April, Volkswagen revealed its next-gen rear-wheel-drive electric motor unit, dubbed the APP550, for its ID range of EVs. Now, Mahindra & Mahindra will be adapting the APP550 motor to its INGLO platform, which will underpin its entire family of BE EVs. This means that the BE.05 will become the first Mahindra to be launched with the new motor.

The new tie-up between Volkswagen and Mahindra for components from the former’s MEB platform will be a huge advantage for the latter as it will get access to cutting-edge and latest tech from a global automotive giant. The APP550 motor itself will make its production debut in the VW ID.7 by the end of 2023.

Volkswagen APP550: Powertrain Details

The APP550 electric motor as mentioned above is mounted on the rear axle and makes 286 bhp with 550 Nm of peak torque. In comparison, the previous motor only made 201 bhp with 310 Nm of max torque.

The improvement in specs is due to the improved inverter in the new motor. It is able to supply higher currents that are needed for making power. The new AP500 motor's significantly higher peak torque output is due to an enhanced stator with a higher effective number of windings and a larger wire cross-section. The motor also comes equipped with stronger magnets with a higher load capacity. VW has made the new powertrain with additional reinforcements to cope with the increased power and torque outputs.

VW’s AP550 electric motor also achieves higher thermal efficiency without the need for an electrically driven oil pump. Instead, it can independently cool itself via the gear wheels of the gearbox. The hot oil is cooled by the vehicle’s coolant circuit that keeps the drive at operation temperatures while the stator’s exterior gets a water heat sink.

Volkswagen APP550: Could be Localized in India

Volkswagen may decide to localize the APP P550 motor in India if combined volumes of VW, Škoda, and Mahindra EVs are good. VW has already stated that even though it is open to supplying the motor to other brands in India, it is currently focused on developing the partnership with Mahindra.

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