All About Honda Cars in India

• Honda cars is a mass market manufacture with around 3 percent market share in India • Honda cars has had a long run in the Indian auto market with many ahead of its time products • Here is a quick run through of everything we know, including information on some of their upcoming cars, their most popular models, as well as the recent downfall the company has faced

All About Honda Cars in India

Honda cars has been a household name in the Indian auto industry for over two decades. The brand is attributed for introducing many revolutionary products that were ahead of their time. The company has pushed the limits of automotive technology many times with its i-VTEC and e-hybrid powertrain technology. Here is a quick rundown of everything to know about Honda cars India.

Popular Honda Cars in India

Honda City

Currently Honda cars offers one hatchback, two sedans and one crossover-SUV models in the country. Some of the most popular Honda cars in the past have been the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda City and the Honda Jazz. Currently the Civic and the Accord have been discontinued in India and dearly missed by their aficionados. Comparing the sales numbers, the Honda Amaze and the Honda City are the most popular models currently.
The City Hybrid is the brand’s flagship car and is known for its sporty design and reliable yet efficient engine. The regular City is a more affordable option that is perfect for families and one of the most comfortable options in its segment. The Jazz hatchback and the Amaze compact sedan offer customers the Honda experience at an affordable price point.

Honda Car

Despite its popularity, Honda cars has had its fair share of troubles in the India market. In recent years, sales have declined due to stiff competition from other brands such as Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai in the budget segment. In the more expensive sedan category, the arrival of new models like the Skoda Slavia and Volkswagen Virtus has eaten into the sales of the Honda making it difficult for their survival in the country. Additionally, several Honda models have been recalled due to safety concerns. However, Honda remains one of the most trusted and respected car brands.

Honda Jazz Car

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Features of Honda cars in India - Reliability, Resale value, Advance technology

Honda Car WR-V

Honda cars have been a popular choice in India for many years now, and it's easy to see why. They're reliable, have great resale value, and are packed with advanced i-VTEC engine technology. 
The Honda City e:HEV was the first mainstream hybrid in India, that gave rise to a new trend of powertrain option in the country. A perfect alternate to a fully electric vehicle, the City hybrid is backed by strong and reliable technology, that is only kind on the nature but also on your pockets with a claimed fuel economy of 27 kmpl. In addition, the introduction of Honda Sensing technology with the City hybrid has given the company a competitive advantage over its rivals, as the only brand to offer ADAS in this segment. 

Downfall of Honda cars in India

Honda city car

It's been a tough few years for Honda in India, especially due to the lack of an SUV. The company has lagged be its competitors by failing to introduce a product to compete in the hotly contested sub-compact and compact SUV segment. Its last SUV offering, the CR-V was widely acclaimed but failed to attract customers to the showroom due to its expensive price tag. For anyone who want a beefy looking high ground clearance vehicle, the WR-V is the only option in Honda’s stable. In addtion, the company is planning to phase out the City 4th Generation and Jazz due to low demand. The Honda City 5th Generation is a good seller, but is getting pricier by the day with is a major reason for its downfall.
So, what does the future hold for Honda in India? It's hard to say. The company needs to find a way to address its main issues if it wants to regain its lost market share. Introducing more SUVs and becoming more price-competitive would be a good starting point.

Upcoming Honda Cars in India

One of the major launches expected from the house of Honda cars at the 2023 Auto Expo is the new HR-V mid-size SUV. A stylish and versatile vehicle, the HR-V will be a perfect choice for the Indian roads. It's available in a variety of colours and comes with a host of expected features including a front and rear parking camera, ADAS function, Honda sense safety suite, panoramic sunroof, LED daytime running lights and more borrowed elements from existing Honda car models. It also is expected to come with 1.5-litre diesel, 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol and a Hybrid option.

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So, this is all you need to know about Honda cars in India. Let us know your fond memory of owning a Honda car. 

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