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  • Hyundai Venue gets six airbags as standard
  • Venue yet to go for Bharat National Car Assessment Programme (BNCAP)
  • Venue gets ADAS, segment-first feature

July 08, 2024     Uday Singh
What Is the Safety Rating of Hyundai Venue - CarLelo

The Hyundai Venue is one of the most popular sub-compact SUVs in India. It is mainly because of its compact size combined with a feature-loaded cabin that has helped create a segment of its own for car buyers. But besides the joy that comes from buying a new vehicle, the safety aspect of the car is a very important factor to consider. It leads us to a very important question - How safe is the Hyundai Venue?

To answer this important question, we cannot simply say yes or no. We need to analyse the Venue’s safety performance in terms of the Australian National Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP) ratings. For reference, the ANCAP ratings are also taken into account for models that may be exported to India. The Venue scored 40 points (81%) out of 49 in the ANCAP.

Adult Occupant Protection

Interior Look of Hyundai Venue

The above ANCAP ratings approve the Venue by rating it highly for protecting the adult occupants in case there is a collision. It has an adult occupant protection of 91%. The kind of structure that the four-wheeler has is that in the case of an accident, the crash would be absorbed by the car structure rather than by the people inside the car.

High-strength steel and the design including the modern crumple zones are the reasons behind this incredible achievement. The Venue uses ultra-high-strength steel to strengthen the structure of its frame, giving it the utmost body protection during crashes.

On the other hand, crumple zones are specially designed to crush and spread energy during a crash. These zones are usually established at the front and rear of a car so that force from the impact does not reach the cabin occupied by passengers.

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Six Airbags Standard

Hyundai Venue

Another major component of adult occupant protection is the car’s airbag system. The Venue comes equipped with six airbags as standard: driver and passenger frontal airbags, front side chest airbags for the front occupants for additional torso protection and roofline airbags that deploy from the roofline and down the side pillars to protect the heads of the front and rear outboard occupants.

Airbags are inflation devices that work in a matter of milliseconds after a collision, filling with gas to protect individuals and enable them to avoid contact with hard parts of the car. 

Child Occupant Protection  

Comparing the adult occupant protection to the ANCAP ratings, it is also noticeable that Venue is not perfect when it comes to protecting children. The car has ISOFIX child seat anchor points, which is a plus on its side. ISOFIX is an internationally recognised protocol that guarantees proper and fast installation of child seats.

Hyundai Venue

Also, depending on the level of trim of the Venue, some of them may come with extra security control features like rear door child lock or top tether anchor points suitable for some models of child seats. It is always advisable to verify the features of the specific Venue model you are eyeing and or select a child seat producer that complies with Indian standards.

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Two-Wheeler Detection

Another area in which the design of the Venue’s safety characteristics for identifying two-wheelers, familiar to an Indian car owner, could be improved. Motorcycles and scooters are common means of transportation in India and their existence already implies that a car’s safety systems must be very efficient in detecting them.

The driver’s assistance systems (ADAS) equipped in the Venue might not be so efficient when it comes to recognising any two-wheelers and then avoiding possible accidents.

In some cars, the ADAS suite may have features such as pedestrian and bike detection through the use of cameras as well as radar systems. It’s important to consider, however, that some of these features may not come as a package with any Venue, thus, it might be important to contact the particular Venue dealer of your interest to know if they have such safety features.

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