How Reliable Are Hyundai Cars?

  • After Maruti, Hyundai is the second-largest car brand in India
  • Hyundai continues to sell diesel engines 
  • Over 900 service centres functional throughout, as per May data

How Reliable Are Hyundai Cars?

Hyundai has been around for nearly three decades in India and has amassed a reputation for being synonymous with reliability. Products like the Santro and Accent in the initial years helped the manufacturer strike a chord with the buyers especially in the budget space, the toughest segment to crack. 

It has been an arch-rival of Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest car manufacturer, and when it comes to sales, Hyundai clocked its highest-ever sales in FY24 with over 7.7 lakh units sold. These numbers are a testament to how much Indians love the brand and favour their cars. 

Measuring Reliability

Of course, there are other factors like affordability and accessibility of spare parts, we at CarLelo believe that reliability can be one thing on paper but for a real picture, it is the buyers who should always turn to. Notably, most sales for Hyundai come from hatchbacks and SUVs ranging in the Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 21 lakh bracket.

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Key Factors that Make Hyundai’s Cars Reliable

Number one, fuel economy. Hyundai car buyers have often reported high mileage numbers coupled with decent performance. Cars like the Grand i10 NIOS promise a fuel efficiency of 16 kilometres per litre. 

Then comes the average repair cost of their cars. As the second-largest car brand in India, Hyundai has aggressively priced their spare parts due to high competition from Maruti Suzuki. Yes, some may find the parts priced at a premium, however, you need to understand that OEMs put a lot of research and development behind them.

Next up is safety and Hyundai has been in the news for its strong build quality. Verna scored 5 stars in the GNCAP. Six airbags have been made standard in all cars from the brand, even the Grand i10 hatchback. This shows how committed Hyundai is in terms of safety.

Finally, the ownership cost of a Hyundai car is affordable and comes with a lot of premiumness. This is something that sets the Korean brand apart from its competitors as Hyundai has time and again shown how good quality can be achieved at smart prices.

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Some of the Most Reliable Hyundai Cars

Here are the key car models from Hyundai that are famous for their reliability.


Hyundai Santro

The Santro marked Hyundai’s debut in India and has been a runaway success. Back in the day when it was in production, it had the Maruti 800 and Alto as competitors. On the inside the five-seater hatchback was spacious and felt like a class above.

It was a bold move to target the budget segment with the Hyundai Santro but it went on to impress with its fuel-efficient engine that could take on any road. You may still find some plying on the roads to this day and is still popular in the after-sales market. 

Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

What started with the i10 culminated in the Hyundai Grand i10 about a decade back. Maruti’s segment-leading Swift saw some serious competition after the Getz which dented its sales a lot. The current Grand i10 NIOS continues to be equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine and has been a workhorse.

Though it was positioned one step up from the budget hatchback segment, the Grand i10 felt rich and had everything right going for itself from the exterior styling to the technology-packed interior. To this day, the car retains the Kappa petrol engine that it was launched with, implying the potency of the motor.


Hyundai i20

Next up, the Hyundai i20 is another extremely successful product from the house of Hyundai and rivals against the likes of Tata Altroz and Suzuki Baleno. With a similar tried-and-tested engine to the Grand i10, its younger sibling, durability with the hatchback was never an issue. The introduction of BS6 has watered down the motor’s urgency feel for sure but Hyundai has not compromised at all on the never-break-down philosophy.

i20 diesel continued with the same legacy but had to be discontinued due to stricter emission norms. For the enthusiasts, the Koreans had to bring in the N Line, its performance-oriented division, to India. 


Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue was an instant hit and even though customers had their reservations at first, the SUV did not disappoint a bit. Venue impresses with its blend of stylish looks and potent engines, including a diesel, all of which are easy on the pocket and fun to drive. If that wasn’t enough, the Venue gets a 1.5-litre diesel engine from the Creta that’s number one, fuel-efficient, number two, super punchy and at last, extremely durable. 

You can run miles on this one while getting superior mileage and peace of mind. Though the 1.0-litre turbo may not be as popular as the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol, Hyundai made sure that the added components don’t weaken the sub-four metre SUV’s reliance.


Hyundai Creta

The final nameplate in this list has to be the Hyundai Creta. In the compact SUV space, the Creta has been an undisputed leader and is among the pioneers who popularised the section. Even in its pre-facelift avatar, the Creta’s sales were not affected when major manufacturers like Maruti, Tata and Volkswagen were constantly refreshing their SUV lineup.

It gets three powertrain options: Two 1.5-litre engines including a turbocharged one and a diesel. No matter which engine you choose, the Creta offers great performance and is heavy-duty.

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Q1. Are Hyundai Cars Generally Reliable?

As the second-largest car manufacturing company in India, Hyundai cars are considered to be reliable and offer great value.

Q2. Are Hyundai Cars Long-Lasting?

Yes, Hyundai cars are good for the long run and can be purchased if you want to run the car for 8-10 years without much trouble.

Q3. Is Hyundai More Reliable Than Honda?

Both Honda and Hyundai are superb in terms of reliability and they cannot be compared.

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