Why Toyota Fortuner has Heavy Demand in India?

  • The Fortuner is very reliable, putting up with high mileage well
  • Affordable maintenance with long-life components and easy access to parts
  • It has a 2.8L strong diesel motor, built for Indian road requirements

June 22, 2024     Kritika Dadhich
Why Toyota Fortuner has Heavy Demand in India?

The Toyota Fortuner is very much in demand since its launch in India. It has dominated the segment over decades. Despite this being a premium SUV with a higher price tag, the demand never drops. Here are the top reasons behind so much admiration of the Toyota Fortuner in India:

Reliability and Durability

toyota fortuner

Long-running ability is something for which the Toyota Fortuner has been primarily known. One can easily find older generation Fortuners from a decade back still going smooth beyond 2,00,000 or 3,00,000 kilometres. This, indirectly, appeals to practicality, reflecting in its overall durability, making it a car of choice for Indian automobile customers when reliability and long-lasting performance become top priorities.

Low Maintenance Cost

The sturdy build of the Fortuner and the capability of Toyotas to run for a long time bring down the cost of ownership in the long run. Not to forget, with an extended warranty period and easily available genuine spare parts post the warranty expiration period, the intrinsically capable SUV is also easy to maintain. In fact, this easily explains, along with the SUV's capabilities and its spacious interiors, why the Fortuner has been the preferred choice for many Indian car buyers.

Powerful Diesel Engine

The 2.8-litre diesel engine in the Fortuner lays down a full 500Nm of torque, which kicks in as low as 1600rpm. The plenty of torque makes this extremely driveable in most conditions, so it would understandably be a hit with Indian drivers normally used to pathetic road conditions. All that power bunched up from the diesel mill is also reflected in the performance figures, where the output of 201bhp results in a 0-100kmph sprint time of less than 10 seconds.

Praiseworthy After-Sales Support

A well-established after-sales service network set by Toyota takes prime lead in the success of Fortuner. This would provide easy access to service stations in almost every nook and corner of India, considerably making servicing and repairing easy for owners of the car. The availability of trained technicians and genuine parts ensures that the cost of maintenance stays relatively affordable, which eventually results in the long-term popularity of the Fortuner.

Good Resale Value

Of all SUVs on sale today, the Toyota Fortuner is definitely one of those models that does very well with regard to value retention. While so many SUVs tend to decrease their price right at the outset, Fortuner owners could still be returned a good part of their original outlay even after years or several thousands of miles on it. Of course, this strength in regard to durability and longevity places the Fortuner not only as a comfortable and mighty SUV but also as a potentially sound financial move.

Competitive Pricing

The Fortuner comes with several variants, and the prices for these differ across major cities. The entry-level variant, priced at about Rs. 38.83 lakhs for the 2.7L Petrol 4x2 off-road and Rs.40.03 lakhs for the top-end 2.8L Diesel 4x4 on-road, is available in Delhi. While the Mumbai variant of the base model is about Rs. 39.88 lakhs, at the top it is available for about Rs. 48.20 lakhs.

Currently, Bangalore prices start at approximately Rs. 41.96 lakhs for the base variant and top out at Rs. 50.07 lakhs. In Chennai, the price is Rs. 41.91 lakhs for the base variant and Rs. 50.26 lakhs for the top-end car.


The Toyota Fortuner stands for the epitome of any SUV in India, warranted by its unbeatable reliability, low maintenance cost, fuel-efficient diesel motor, strong after-sales network, good resale value, and fantastic pricing. All these elements put together make it one of the best-sellers and hottest vehicles in demand across the country. So far, it has remained a perfect choice for Indian buyers for the ones who need a powerful comfortable SUV or a reliable investment.

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