Next-Gen Jeep Compass To Be Based On STLA-M Platform

  • New Compass to get hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Overall boxy silhouette to be retained
  • Jeep India sells Compass with a single diesel engine

Next-Gen Jeep Compass To Be Based On STLA-M Platform

US car manufacturer Jeep is set to revamp the Compass SUV by giving it a thorough set of updates. With the initial Europe launch slated for later this year, the upcoming Compass will debut Jeep’s new line of models. Besides ICEs and hybrid options, Compass will also get electric powertrains under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Antonio Filosa. Fundamental characteristics, however, are to be retained.

Next-Generation Jeep Compass: STLA-M Architecture

Jeep has based the SUV on the versatile STLA-M, and EV-native platform, this time shared with the Vauxhall Grandland and Peugeot E-3008. The Stellantis-derived architecture is compatible with a host of powertrains, including electric, plug-in and mild-hybrids. Reportedly, Jeep may offer the Compass in two iterations: Standard and Trail-Rated, the latter being taller and off-road oriented. 

Next-Generation Jeep Compass: Interior

On the inside, several reports further suggest that a lot of technology will be borrowed from the Stellantis family. For instance, a 16-inch widescreen from the Vauxhall Grandland and i-Cockpit layout inspired by Peugeot. It remains to be seen what ‘Easter Eggs’ the five-seater SUV will get with its generational update. 

Jeep sells the Jeep Compass with a single 2.0-litre diesel powertrain that belts out 168 bhp and 350 Nm in India. Ex-showroom prices start at Rs. 20.69 lakh for the Compass 2.0 Sport. Compass 2.0 Model S Optional 4x4 automatic tops the range at Rs. 32.41 lakh.

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