G20 Summit: Joe Biden vs Narendra Modi Cars

  • G20 Summit 2023 to start from 8th and 10th September 2023
  • US president will bring the world’s safest car - ‘The Beast’
  • Narendra Modi will also arrive with his armoured car

G20 Summit: Joe Biden vs Narendra Modi Cars

The G20 summit, a prominent gathering of world leaders, represents a critical platform for global economic discussions. Held annually, this event brings together leaders from the world's largest economies to address pressing international issues.

While the specific cars that will arrive at the G20 summit can vary depending on the host country and the preferences of attending dignitaries, it is not uncommon to see a wide array of luxurious vehicles, ranging from sleek electric cars to high-end armoured limousines.

That being said, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, who is visiting New Delhi for the G20 Summit on 7th September, will be bringing his armoured limousine named "The Beast", also known as Cadillac One. Its latest version debuted in 2018 which costs $15 Million+. Moreover, it is considered the world's safest car, renowned for its armour and other safety measures.

Modi government is also gearing up for the G20 Summit 2023 with his highly armoured Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel SUV. It is specially designed to provide maximum protection and security to its occupants. This bulletproof luxury SUV costs around Rs 10 crore in India.

Biden's ‘The Beast’ at G20 Summit

Biden The Beast

Joe Biden's armoured limousine has some notable features such as bullet-proof windows, military-grade armour, and a tear gas dispenser. It is said that the limousine is capable of protecting its occupants in case of chemical warfare.

Moreover, The Beast sports 5-inch thick doors at the front and an 8-inch thicker pair of rear doors. The limousine also boasts five layers of glass and polycarbonate for equal protection. It can withstand a bomb blast as well. Biden's limousine is fitted with a partition glass in order to separate the driver's side from the back seating for more privacy.

Apart from this, the limousine highlights a shotgun, a tear gas dispenser, two bags of blood matching the president, a smoke screen, a night camera vision camera, a GPS tracking system, and a lot more.

No doubt, why is the US President's limousine named The Beast after all it protects lives in a way that no other vehicle can. Hence, the vehicle continues to be a benchmark for armoured models across the globe.

Narendra Modi is also prepared with its armoured cars

Narendra Modi Range Rover

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will also arrive at the G20 Summit with a range of cars. His armoured Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel SUV is built to meet stringent whole-vehicle standards and is also certified for blast protection. It is said that the body of the SUV is engineered to withstand modern and unconventional forms of attack.

Furthermore, the Range Rover Sentinel SUV includes advanced security features including armoured glass for added protection. There is also a public addressal system to allow for communication with people outside the vehicle without compromising the security of the one sitting inside.

Overall, Modi's vehicle is highly advanced and secure and meets the needs of our Prime Minister of India. The estimated cost of the vehicle is over Rs 10 crore.

In a Nutshell

Among the members of the G20 Summit, only India, Japan, UK, Australia, and South Africa will use RHD vehicles, shared by media reports.

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