Porsche Macan EV – Top 3 Things to Know

  • Triple screen layout similar to Taycan
  • AR-infused HUD for accurate navigation
  • Will feature Driver Experience Control concept

Porsche Macan EV – Top 3 Things to Know

Porsche cars popular SUV model, the Macan SUV is all set to return in a new EV avatar by Q3 2024. The upcoming EV is being developed on VW Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) modular architecture that will also spawn models from Audi and Volkswagen. Set to enter production next year, the new Macan EV will help the company expand its share in the electric vehicle market.

Porsche Macan EV: Design

porsche macan ev exterior

From the outside, the upcoming Porsche Macan EV will remain similar to the ICE version but will feature minor changes. Upfront we get to see a new Taycan-inspired drooping nose along with an elevated headlight-pod look. The new unit will feature the DRL unit split into four pods on the upper half while the main unit has been moved below the bumper. Towards the sides, the car is expected to get pillarless doors, larger alloy wheels and a lowered stance.

porsche macan ev interior

Moving inside, Porsche has already confirmed a new design for the dashboard that is in line with newer models like the Porsche Panamera and the Cayenne. The cabin will feature a multi-screen layout with physical toggles for the air-conditioning control panel and a floating bridge between the front seats for extra storage.

Porsche Macan EV: Features

porsche macan ev features

In terms of features, the 2024 Porsche Macan EV will get a new 12.3-inch touchscreen system that will offer seamless integration with EV features such as smart routing with live updates on public-fast charging networks. This screen is flanked by a curved driver display that is customisable and another passenger display that will showcase speed and music controls. Designed around the Driver Experience Control concept, the new Macan EV will group all physical driving controls together and in reach for the driver.

Porsche Macan EV: Powertrain and Handling

porsche macan ev features

Built on the PPE platform the new Macan EV will feature both RWD and AWD variants. The new gen motor along with the floor-mounted 100 kWh battery pack help produce 612 bhp and 1000 Nm of peak torque. Despite the weight of the battery and a slight rear weight bias for the motor, the Macan EV has not lost its Porsche DNA. The prototype test vehicle promises agile handling and spirited performance in a compact and light construction. Additionally, the rear wheel steering along with the rear wheel torque vectoring makes going around a corner easy.

Overall, the upcoming Porsche Macan EV promises the be a perfect mix between an SUV and a sports car. Set to enter production soon, the EV will make its way to India by Q3 2024. More details on the range and interior are set to follow as we inch closer towards the launch date. Stay tuned!

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