Why Does Audi Car Dominate the Luxury Car Market?

• Audi India to dominate the luxury car market by assembling more luxury models • The German luxury car maker reported a sales growth of 29 percent with 2947 units sold in the first nine months of 2022 • Increasing popularity of electric vehicles is expected to boost the brand in the luxury car market

Why Does Audi Car Dominate the Luxury Car Market?

The term ‘luxury’ is used for categorizing cars that are equipped with lavish interiors, have good performance capabilities, offer the latest technology and safety features. Audi, as a brand, is renowned globally for its world-class range of luxury cars that represent a complete package of enchanting looks, power and performance. All the cars from Audi are a statement of beauty that holds the power to make people drop their jaws. Interestingly, brand Audi is driving with the storm and dominates the luxury car market by assembling more luxury models. Here, we will share some details on why Audi cars seem to be dominating the luxury car market.

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Audi: India Luxury Car Market Overview

Over the long haul, as the German automaker is launching their models with various price ranges and user-friendly financing schemes, the demand for luxury SUV vehicles has been rapidly growing in the country. Major luxury carmakers like Audi are even planning to bring their new luxury models to the country at competitive prices.

Apart from this, the market is also supported by new entrants into the electric luxury space in India. For instance, Audi made its EV debut in India with the launch of the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback. Both cars are available in the 55 Quattro variant, however, the standard e-tron gets a lower-spec 50 Quattro trim as well.

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Audi India Reports 29 Percent Sales Growth in 2022

As of September 2022, the German luxury car maker Audi reported a sales growth of 29 percent with 2947 units. The same company registered only 2291 unit sales last year (between January to September 2021). Audi even states that the new launches of A8 and Q7 coupled with continued demand for the Audi e-tron range, Audi A4, Audi A6, and Audi Q5

have led to a positive growth. In fact, Q3 and Q5 dominate Audi pre-owned model sales. Thus, Audi India will continue its expansion of the pre-owned car business, Audi Approved: plus in India. Currently, there are operating 18 Audi Approved: plus showrooms across the country as the brand looks to increase the number to 22 pre-owned car facilities by the end of this year.

Taking forward the electrification strategy, the German car maker has successfully installed more than 100 chargers across 60+ cities in India which include workshop facilities, all Audi India dealerships, and select SAVWIPL Group brand dealerships situated across strategic highways in India.

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