Are Audi Cars Worth Buying?

• The oldest luxury car company, Audi is known to make vehicles with lightweight aluminium parts • Audi cars are worth buying due to their comfort, smart technology, and value retention • Know the detailed review of whether the Audis are worth buying

Are Audi Cars Worth Buying?

Audi is a prestigious car brand of the VW Group that delivers quality and innovation with every model. The company has made its position in the global market as a premium car manufacturer competing with the likes of other German brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 

In 2016, J.D Power ranked Audi in first place for ‘Consumer Service Index’. Although Audi cars are more expensive than the average cars, they are worth buying for various reasons like reliability, technology, innovation and more. Check out more about my views on Audi cars and why we feel you could consider them when you buy a new car.


Audi History

Audi Cars is among the oldest car companies in the world that was founded in the early 20th century by engineer August Horch and manufacturers Wanderer and DKW as Auto Union. The modern era of the company began in 1965 when the Volkswagen Group acquired Auto Union. Initially, the company had a very conservative profile producing cars on behalf of the VW Group for select global markets.

But finally in 1980, Audi differentiated itself from the VW cars by introducing the ‘Quattro’ AWD technology for performance and rally cars. What followed suit was an era of technical innovations that included lightweight aluminum space-frame construction, matrix LED headlamps and multi-media interface among others. 

In India, Audi has been selling its cars since 2004 as CBU units. Later in March 2007, the company was registered as a local manufacturer operating out of the VW Groups Aurangabad plant. Currently a select models of A and Q range of Audi cars are assembled at this factory.

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Audi Sales

Despite some lackluster years in the recent past, Audi cars registered robust growth in 2022. The company registered a 29 percent increase in sales from 2,291 units to 2,947 in the first 9 months of 2022. New launches like the Audi A8L, Q3 and the Q7 have further helped the company strengthen its presence in the Indian luxury car market. Models like the Audi e-Tron GT, Audi A4, Audi Q5 and the Audi A6 continue to enjoy strong demand from customers in the country.

Alongside the new car sales, the company also witnessed a 73 percent growth in the used car sales through its 18 Audi Approved: Plus showrooms.

Luxury and Comfort

Luxury and Comfort

One of the key aspects of buying an Audi car is the company’s increased focus towards comfort. Built with luxury in mind, the cabin of these German cars excuses a sense of class through the use of rich materials like leather, wood and brushed aluminum. Every part of the interior is crafted to perfection with buttons that fall into place easily and decorative touches that give out a timeless and elegant appeal.

In addition, the company puts in extra effort into perfecting the ride quality on all its cars while still maintaining the thrill of driving. According to many Audi owners, driving an Audi Car is like sitting in your favorite chair in the living room and barreling down the road at the same time.

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Audi Technology

Another segment where Audi prides itself is in technology and engineering. Some of the prime examples of Audi excellence include the Matrix LED headlamps, dual-screen MMI, multi-zone AC and the Audi Autonomous driver system among others. 

Compared to many competitors, Audi cars are better equipped with modern technologies. For instance, the Q range of cars feature an upgraded touchscreen technology that includes two central screens, one for infotainment and the other for in-cabin controls. Further, the latest Q3 compact luxury SUV has also received progressive steering, lane departure warning and paddle shifters to enhance the driving experience.


Audi Power

Another engineering feat of Audi cars is the creation of the most powerful, reliable and reputed engines. The TDI (diesel), TFSI (petrol), e-Tron (electric), and TFSI e (plug-in hybrid) engines are a hit among enthusiasts for their unique power and torque delivery characteristics. 

To distinguish between its different power-output models, Audi has settled on a numbering system prefixed by various numbers like 25, 30, 35, and so on. However, there are exceptions to such numerical naming conventions.

Final Verdict

Audi Final Verdict

All in all, Audi cars are worth buying as they offer smooth driving experience, premium feel, luxury and comfort. In addition, the design of Audi cars is uncomplicated and pleasing to the eye. The cars also come backed by a long list of features and more than two decades of trust, making them a great option in the luxury segment. However, you need to research and take a test drive before you buy a new Audi car.

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