Buying a New Car: What to Watch Out For

  • Research your preferred car brand, model, and body type before buying a new car
  • Set a realistic budget for your new car
  • Consider the fuel type and transmission, and most importantly, delve into the resale value

Buying a New Car: What to Watch Out For

Buying a new car is an exciting but significant financial decision and thus it is important to follow the process with careful consideration. To ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience, it is essential to be vigilant. CarLelo can help you simplify the process of buying a new car and get you the best deal.

Here are some key considerations to watch out for when buying a new car:

Do Your Homework

Research is the first task you should add to your list before buying a new car. Make your needs clear about what car brand or car model you are interested in. Also, make your choices clear about the car body type; whether you want a sedan, SUV, or MPV.

If you are looking for an SUV for long trips, the Toyota Fortuner can be considered the best premium SUV. Those seeking compact SUVs at affordable prices can go for Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Tata Nexon, and Mahindra XUV300.

Whichever model you prefer, read reviews for that vehicle from trusted sources. To make the process simple, you can compare the features and specifications. This will help you to make an informed decision for a particular car model that looks impressive and performs well.

Set a Realistic Budget

After having a clear understanding of the car model, set your budget as to what level you would like to restrict the spending. After all, buying a new car not only includes the cost of the car but also considers additional expenses such as registration, insurance, taxes, and other financial charges. Hence, it is essential that you set a realistic budget to avoid overspending.

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Manual or Automatic?

transmission type

In recent years, automatic transmission cars have gained popularity in the country, especially for those who navigate through long commutes and frequent traffic congestion. However, it is essential to consider the trade-offs, as automatic transmission variants tend to come with a higher price tag and offer lower mileage compared to their manual counterparts.

Choose the Fuel Type

fuel type

Diesel engines provide better fuel efficiency than petrol cars. However, the Government has announced a complete ban on diesel-powered vehicles in coming years to combat air pollution and reduce carbon emissions. In that case, there is no benefit to buying a new diesel car.

A few automakers have already discontinued the diesel trim of their car models. Some of these include Honda Amaze, Toyota Innova Hycross, Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai i20.

On the other hand, CNG stands out as an eco-friendly option, but the availability of CNG stations in your city should be taken into account to avoid potential refuelling inconveniences. 

Electric cars are gradually taking up more space in the market as they offer smooth drives, better performances, and tax benefits from the Government to promote EVs. Reputed brands in India like Tata Motors and Mahindra have already launched their EV models in the market, e.g., Tata Nexon.ev, MG Comet, Tata Tiago.ev, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Mahindra XUV400.

Resale Value

resale value

Buyers often consider the anticipated depreciation rate when purchasing a new vehicle, aiming to choose a model that maintains its value well over the years. A high resale value not only benefits the seller when upgrading to a new car but also makes the overall cost of ownership more economical.

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