MG India Unveils EUNIQ 7 Hydrogen FCEV at Auto Expo 2023

• Production ready version showcased • Large MPV with a range of up to 605 kilometres • Last product to be showcased under the DRIVE.AHEAD philosophy

January 12, 2023     Team CarLelo
MG India Unveils EUNIQ 7 Hydrogen FCEV at Auto Expo 2023

MG Motor India has kickstarted Day 2 of Auto Expo 2023 with the unveiling of its global hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, the EUNIQ 7. Showcased as part of MG’s DRIVE.AHEAD philosophy, the large MPV joins the fleet of global pure electric and plug-in hybrid models that are being considered for India.

MG Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

MG Cars

MG first introduced the hydrogen fuel-cell technology as the Phoenix No 1 fuel-cell vehicle project in 2001. Now in its third-generation, the system is known as PROME P390 and comes with cutting-edge features such as integrated design, high power density, high durability, high reliability and excellent environmental adaptability. With intelligent control algorithms, the new fuel cell powertrain offers fast response and accurate control over the vehicle.

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MG Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology: EUNIQ 7

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Unveiling the new technology, the company also showcased the last of its global product, the EUNIQ 7 large MPV. In consideration for India, this production ready vehicle features an 83.5 kW fuel cell battery pack along with a 70 MPa hydrogen storage tank. Tested for safety at up to 824-degree Celsius that clears most of the myths surrounding hydrogen fuel cell technology. The refuelling on the new model takes less than 3 minutes and offers a total range of up to 605 kilometres on a full tank.

MG new car

Talking at the launch, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “MG Motor has been a constant synonym for innovation over the years. We arrived in India with a vision of offering disruptive mobility solutions, in terms of both human-centric technologies and sustainability. As the industry continues exploring alternate fuel technologies, we are delighted to showcase the world’s leading hydrogen fuel-cell technology - PROME P390 to India.” 

So what do you think of MG DRIVE.AHEAD eco-system? Do these global products and technologies excite you for what’s to come in the future?

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