7 Things That You Will Find only in Toyota Cars

• Toyota is renowned for making reliable cars • Currently there are 9 Toyota car models on sale in India • Here are 7 things that you will only find on a Toyota car.

7 Things That You Will Find only in Toyota Cars

Toyota, the other name for reliability and solid build quality is one of the most popular car brands in the world. Superior powertrain, class-leading ride quality and decent technology is what makes Toyota cars special and make them stand out from the crowd. Still, there are many other aspects of to a Toyota car which make owning them a special deal for many. So here are the top 7 things that you will find only in Toyota cars.

1. Toyota Cars: Bullet Proof Reliability and Durability

The reliability aspect of Toyota cars goes without saying and it is probably one of the main reasons for the Japanese carmakers success. Whether it is in personal use or commercial purposes, one can easily spot the initial generations of the Innova and Fortuner doing duties on Indian roads. Toyota cars powertrain are one of the most reliable units available on the market and we have records of cars having clocked more than 5 lakhs kilometres on their vehicle and are still enjoying the trouble-free experience. 

Toyota Cars: Bullet Proof Reliability and Durability

2. Toyota Cars: Economical Maintenance Costs

The main aspect of owning a car is getting its car serviced over the years of ownership. Despite sporting large displacements engines, the service cost and overall upkeep expenses on any Toyota car model is quite inexpensive compared to competition. For reference, the service cost of a Toyota Fortuner comes at as low as Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 for every ten thousand kilometres, which is quite affordable.  

Toyota Car Maintains cost

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3. Toyota Cars: Best-Resale Value

Ranked as one of the highest resale value brands in the automotive sector, Toyota car models are always in high demand in the used car market. According to some research, the overall depreciation of a Toyota car model is as low as 7 percent.

Toyota Car best resale value

4. Toyota Cars: Safety and Build Quality

Toyota cars are manufactured to the highest safety standards and are equipped with top-class active and passive safety features. Although none of the Toyota car models sold in India have been crash tested; similar spec models sold in the international markets have scored a full 5 stars NCAP rating.

Toyota Cars: Best-Resale Value

5. Toyota Cars: Environment-Friendly Vehicles

Toyota cars has also been one the forerunners in the market with more than 3 strong hybrid offerings. 2022 Toyota car, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder is the first mainstream hybrid SUV offering in the country. In addition, the strong hybrid Innova Hycross and a new flex-fuel powered model are also due for launched before the end of 2022. These launches will be followed by a host of hybrid and electric offerings all of which will strengthen the brands commitment to introducing environmentally friendly powertrain options for its future.

Toyota Cars Safety and Build Quality

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6. Toyota Cars: Practical and Spacious cabin

Toyota cars models offer the best-in-class cabin space and the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner are clear examples of the same. The Toyota Innova Crysta has been the leading name in the practical 7-seater MPV segment and is used as a benchmark for SUVs across different segments. Even discontinued cars like Yaris and the Etios Liva offered the most spacious cabin in its segment and even in segments above. If you are someone looking for a comfortable car to accommodate the whole family, then the Toyota car models are the ones to go for.

Toyota Car Spacious cabin

7. Toyota Cars: Road Presence and Ride Quality

While Toyota car models are not radically unique in their design, the company has decoded the perfect formula to make cars with a simplistic yet powerful design language and an assertive stance. Nailing the road presence department with their outstretching dimensions, Toyota car models also offer the best ride quality in the segment they compete in.

Toyota Cars: Economical Maintenance Costs

So these are the various reasons why Toyota cars sell like hot cakes in the Indian market.

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