Why are Maruti Suzuki Cars so Popular in India

• Maruti Suzuki offers an extensive list of 15 models that overlap in price and purpose • Cars target various segments and offer the best value-for-money package • Here is 5 reasons why Maruti Suzuki is so popular in India

Why are Maruti Suzuki Cars so Popular in India

Maruti Suzuki has been a household name in the country and a part of most of our upbringing over the years. In a price conscious market like India, Maruti Suzuki cars has forever enjoyed the top spot in the sales chart. Holding close to 50 percent market share, the home grown automaker has a wide array of car models that overlap both in price as well as purpose. 

Maruti Suzuki alto K10

There are several factors which contribute to the popularity of a car brand like its history, market positioning, relatability, reliability and customer trust. Over the years Maruti Suzuki has managed to gain the unwavering trust of Indian customers with its economical and reliable cars. Let’s have a look at the contributing factors that has made Maruti cars so popular in India.

1. Maruti Suzuki Cars: Extensive Portfolio

The main factor which puts Maruti Suzuki cars on the top of a new car buyer’s list is its long list of car models. Selling almost 16 models split across various segments and categories, the company has mastered the art of diversification. This means that there is a Maruti car model for every new car buyer out there. 

Maruti extensive portfolio

For example, if you are in the market with a budget of Rs 6 lakh, then the company has a choice of 7 models for you. Moreover, these car models are backed by timely updates along with the introduction of new models to the line-up. 

2. Maruti Suzuki Cars: Best in Class Mileage

With the fuel prices soaring through the roof, fuel efficiency has become a major factor in consideration, when buying a new car. Champion in this arena, Maruti Suzuki has cars returning class-leading fuel efficiency figures of up to 27.97 kmpl. Some of the most fuel efficient Maruti Suzuki car models include the Alto K10, WagonR, and S-Presso which return a fuel efficiency of around 25 kmpl. In addition, the CNG powered models in the brands line-up are also renowned for providing a class-leading mileage of around 30 km/kg. This makes the Maruti Suzuki car extremely easy and light to run on the owners pocket.

Maruti Suzuki best in Mileage

3. Maruti Suzuki Cars: Value for Money 

Providing some of the most reliable and simple cars on the market, Maruti Suzuki cars offers a complete value-for-money package. In addition to offering the best fuel-efficiency, Maruti Suzuki car models demand easy maintenance and also offer spare parts at the lowest cost. They also pack in ample amount of features that are functional and work exceptionally well, making the ownership experience a hassle free experience.

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4. Maruti Suzuki Cars: Reliability and Resale

Being Japanese from its roots, Maruti cars are very reliable and are capable enough to withstand a good amount of stress over time. That is one of the primary reasons why we can find Maruti Suzuki car models manufactured in early 2000s still plying on the country’s roads. The reliability is often a matter of engine and gearbox as these are the major parts which are prone to breakdown. Clearly, Maruti Suzuki cars are a champ in this department and their track record speaks for itself. 
All thanks to its reliability factor, Maruti Suzuki cars demand the highest premium in the used car market. These cars sell like a hot cake and are easiest to find buyers for in the second hand market. 

Maruti Suzuki Resale

5. Maruti Suzuki Cars: Sales and Service Network, Low Maintenance Cost  

Last but not the least, the widespread sales and service network of Maruti Suzuki cars makes it the most accessible brand across the country. Along with this, Maruti cars are easy to maintain and are often light on your pocket with a very affordable service cost. Moreover, the aftermarket availability of parts is another advantage of Maruti cars. 

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